Those who Hunt Elves volume 1

Alternative Title: Elf wo Karu Monotachi
Written By: Yu Yagami
Publisher: ADV Manga
Release Date: December 2003
Genre: Comedy/Semi-Action

Additional Notes

  • Black and White
  • 218 Page Count
  • Age Group: 15+

First Volume Review:
What do you get when you read about an actress, military nut and a martial arts expert who gets transported to a mysterious world, and the only way to get back to their world is to strip elves?

Story: Target Aquisition (Part 1)
Junpei Ryuzoji (martial arts experts), Akiri Komiyama (actress), Ritsuko Inoue (military nut) were living there life like the unusual, all of a sudden they are magically transported to a magical world. Of course they have to get back to their world. Celcia Marieclaire the head of the Common Elves of Carmegan region offers to help. Unfortunately the restoration ritual doesn’t go as expected, the spell is broken into fragments and scattered all over the mysterious world. You see the spell had to be translated and reprinted on Celcia’s bare skin, Junpei being the idiot that he is interrupts the ritual and everything goes wrong. Now the fragments of the spell are imprinted on the bodies of five other elves across the land. So what’s a group of desperate home-sick humans to do, but go out and strip some elves. Celia refuses to help our lost friends at first, since it wouldn’t be appropriate for the head of the Common Elves of Carmegan to go around stripping elves. She does decide to help them after awhile, but under the disguise of a dog. Our team picks up a name: the Elf Hunters, after stripping 100 elves to no avail. So any elf with strength is after their heads, luckily Ritsuko brought her Model T-74 tank with her.

Story #1: Target Aquisition (Part 2)
Now their first elf to actually have a fragment of the spell isn’t ready to take her cloths off so easily: Gabriella of the Dark Elf Clan. Gabriella has a bad attitude with the foxy body to match. She brings her entire army of goblins to kill Celia, who she believes betrayed elves (especially her) by helping the elf hunters strip elves. Gabriella doesn’t expect much of a challenge from the elf hunters; she built up quite a reputation as good fighter. Unfortunately for Gabriella the elf hunters prove to be her match, I won’t ruin the actual fight scene for you. So as part of their agreement, Gabriella takes her cloths off after loosing the battle, and there it was, one fragment of the spell on her left boob in the form of a spot. Celia chants a spell to transfers the fragment onto her body: in her dog form. Afterwards Celia realizes that once she has a fragment on her body (in whatever form) she can’t change into another. So Celia is unable to return to her formal self until she retrieves all of the fragments and sends Junpei and friends home. So now our elf hunters have Celia in her dog form to walk around with: she was renamed Spot, because the fragment was transferred over her left eye. With one of the fragments acquired, our team is now more than determined to return and with Spot’s help they should be able to reach their in no time.

Story #2: The Man Who is After Akiri

This segment is about Edwin, a male hot shot that uses his good looks and Book of Seduction: handed down from his father to him. Edwin sees Akiri walking, and takes on the challenge of removing all of her garments. Akiri doesn’t seem to fall for his sleazy tricks, which just entices him to continue his mission. After all of his attempts he realizes that true love isn’t won by playing games with a person, but by noble acts. This segment doesn’t really have much in it, some character development, but nothing to do with the story. It does give you some helpful hints on what to do on dates though. ^^

Story #3: Ritsuko, the T-74 Tank, and…

The T-74 runs out of gas on the middle of a bridge, the group makes the decision to just leave it and move on. Ritsuko is broken hearted that she has to leave her tank behind, but understands that it’s for the best. She decides to stay back and give her last respects while the others head to the nearest town, and try to find some other means of transportation…
While in town the team comes across a giant teddy bear: possessed by a cat spirit. The villagers are familiar with this certain cat spirit. The team decides it’s not their business to meddle with other people affairs. The villagers were able to get rid of the giant teddy bear that was just having some fun by destroying the village they set it on fire and the cat spirit went away.
…back at the tank, Ritsuko is ready to part with the tank. When out of no where a stuffed dog that meows pops up, Ritsuko immediately falls in love with the dog. Could it be the same possessing cat from the village? I won’t spoil the story for you. Smile

Story #4: The Elf Who Wants to Get Stripped

With a new and improved Tank (at end of chapter 3 something amazing happens to Ritsuko’s Tanker), the team heads off to find the other four elves. They come across an elf by the name of Milia. Three years ago a monster attack their village, to save the village from destruction Malia placed on the cursed armor. After defeating the monster Malia realized why the armor is said to be cursed: she couldn’t take it off. She heard about the elf hunters, found them and asked them to strip her. Of course our team is puzzled, but agrees to help in return for a present from Malia’s grandfather. After some interesting attempts at getting the armor off, the team is reading to give up. Before they leave they asked the grandfather what the reward would be. Grandfather decides to let them in on what this secret object passed down from generations was… You’ll laugh once you find out what the reward was.

First let me explain a few things about this book (and the review): the book is broken up into separate stories, each offering some part to the overall story or character development, that’s why I book it up and gave a review for each chapter since they are all dramatically different than the other.
This seems to be a magna series I can get addicted too. The team is made up of a bunch of different characters; which make for a good laugh when forced to work together, especially when Celia and Junpei get into their usual fights. Junpei happens to be my favorite
There is partial nudity is this series, but it isn’t sex or anything. Compared to other Japanese nudity mangas and animes the girls’ breasts don’t take up half the page. It isn’t something I recommend smaller ones to read, but it doesn’t encourage sex. The only thing it encourages is the obvious, and that’s stripping elves to get back home.
The story is easy to pick up on, the characters are interesting and there it’s really funny to read. Those Who Hunt Elves will be another dent in my wallet, but I’ll be happy: the money will go to good waste. This series is also out on DVD, I’m more of a fan of the Black n’ White, but if you prefer watching to reading buy this series you won’t regret it.


By Cherubim


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