Tramps Like Us volume 1

Written by: Yayoi Ogawa
Published by: Tokyopop
Release Date: August 10, 2004
Genre: Romance Comedy
Age: 16up

Volume 1 Review:

Sumire Iwaya is a strong and independent women living and working in a man’s world. She went to America to study and came back to work at a local newspaper. She did work in the foreign news department but she was demoted because she knocked her boss’ tooth out for hitting on her. She now works a less adequate of her educational background job at the news paper. Her educational background makes her the talk at her job as everyone treats her differently. Not to mention her track record with men isn’t a pretty picture. She dumped her fiancée when she discovered he cheated on her and was having another kid with his mistress. Sumire’s co-workers believe he couldn’t put up with her personality and the fact as she thought she was better than everyone else. She earned the nickname “Sumire the Ice Princess” at her job, after all if you make a person break into tears for not putting the “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on a letter you kind of deserve it. Sumire too believes her education, strong sense of individuality, and her height (as she is taller than most men) played apart in her relationship going down the drain. Sumire set a standard of the kind of men she’ll be dating from now: he must be taller and make more money than she does, this is to make sure that men’s inferiority complexes doesn’t become a problem in their relation, relationships Sumire has had to deal with for while.

Well it goes without saying that Sumire is single at the moment, but she’s a strong woman and can fend for herself. On her way home to her cozy apartment one day, Sumire comes across a large cardboard box, that she thinks some moron left in there; when she looks in to see what’s inside she finds a young man who’s body looks as if it’s ready for trip down under. Sumire takes the young man in and feeds him back to health; the young man complements Sumire on cooking such a good meal. Sumire leaves the young man stay the night to rest up. To her the young man resembles her pet dog as a child. However, Sumire is stunned when she comes home and sees the young man still in her house. He doesn’t have money for the train and his gay landlord is hitting on him and he’s afraid something might happen, plus he loves Sumire’s cooking. Trying to let the little guy down easily, Sumire gives him an alternative, he could go back to his gay landlord and be…um…or he could become Sumire’s pet. Sumire jokingly offers the option to get him out of her apartment, but what’s even more shocking is that the young man decides to stay and become Sumire pet.

Well what’s the first you do when you get a new pet? Give it a name, duh. Sumire chooses the name “Momo”, after her female dog that she had. Now that Momo is staying with her he needs to take a bath, but his hand is injured (possibly from his gay landlord (O.O) ) so Sumire has to bath him.
Momo keeps Sumire entertained–not that way you sick pervert—and her headaches seemed to have vanished since she brought him home. *hehe* Sumire only told her girlfriend, Yuki, about her new pet’s species, everyone else at work thinks it’s a dog or cat. Yuki is just amazed that Sumire could have kept Momo so long without sex.

Sumire can’t stay home and cook for Momo all day and night, she’s young, sexy, and her biological clock ain’t slowing down for nobody. She started dating the president of the newspaper’s son, he fits all the requirements (income and height) so Sumire doesn’t think anything would be a major problem. However, Sumire realizes that having a pet human in your apartment might not be the best way to introduce someone to your humble living quarters, so most of her dates never go pass second base (for you desperate singles out that haven’t had a date in so long (me) that’s where the date ends at the front step). All the while Momo has invited Sumire to his performance at the Dance Theater (he’s a part time dancer). Sumire doesn’t want to admit that she’s dating someone. She’s becoming more and more annoyed by mister president’s son as he seems a bit demanding, for example while having sex he wants Sumire to talk. “Jesus, the nerve of some people always wanting more and more. How many things do they expect you to do at once?” Anyway, a fake orgasm on Sumire’s part took care of that.

At home Sumire and Momo are getting closer, to the point that where she’s thinking of him while faking it. Sumire thinks it’s getting out of control and her feelings are becoming deeper than master-pet-relationship, she asks Momo to leave and walk out of her life. However, she can’t seem to him out of her mind even if he was just a pet. Plus mister president’s son is becoming they bit of the stalker type, luckily Momo comes back in the picture. Sumire opens her arms to her pet Momo again.

Sumire still doesn’t consider them a couple and is on the search for another man to keep her busy. This time it’s Senpai Hasumi, a guy she went to college with that working at the newspaper also—small world indeed—and Sumire seems interested, again he fits the requirements–you’ve got to love a girl that’s consistent. Sumire now has to find a way to balance her three loves: work, Momo, and Senpai Hasumi.
No matter how Sumire tries to rationalize it her feelings Momo are getting stronger, but can high class news reported handle all of it, and where will Momo fit into her life?

I only picked up this manga because I had the extra cash on me, and like most great discoveries it was all on accident. I’m saying this from the start if you love a good realistic romance story pick this up, although the premise of having a human as a pet is pretty out there the story itself is pretty realistic. The target group is obviously women, but I have to say I still laughed a lot; none of the jokes were out of male comprehension (i.e. the monthly visitor). It funny to see things Sumire would do to get a boyfriend, and even though she seems tough on the outside she’s really fragile on the inside. It’s kind of like desperate housewives, except Sumire isn’t married, fused with Sex and the City, except there isn’t enough of the sex. It’s really funny to see this high and might women knocked off her pedestal and falling in love with her pet but resisting the fact that she is. The artwork is different from what I’m used to, but it only helps brings a sense of realism to the story has everyone is drawn unique and their faces seem to present a certain quality or characteristic, and has there gestures change you could see that.
If you’re a lover of a romantic comedy this manga will certainly pull to in.


By Cherubim


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