Genre: Angelic love
What’s in it?: Gender confused characters, Mild spell fighting, Romance (and sadness)

Wish is a short four manga length story by the famous manga-ka’s of CLAMP. The story is specifically by Nanase Ohkawa with accompanying artwork by Mick Nekoi published by Asuka Comics DX. The story is tender and heartfelt, which slowly unravels like one of the usagi (bunny) carried flower messages from God. The mystery of Hisui’s disappearance is eventually revealed, the wish Shuiichirou desires becomes known, and in the midst of all these mysteries is Kohaku, a kind-hearted, sweet, and prone to cry angel.

By the story’s end you are left with a bittersweet warm and fuzzy feeling. The story has a lot of the charm and soul that Clamp’s Suki Dakara Suki had, and an art style closest to Clover of all of Clamp’s work. The manga covers are a bit pastel and fluorescent. Not necessarily the best colour combinations, but the artwork is both at times cute, at others beautiful with a simplistically executed art style. A hidden treat of the series are the coloured manga pages at the start of each volume.

It is necessary to toss out gender pronouns when reading this series. Angels are technically gender-less, in fact CLAMP like they did with Ashura in RG Veda uses a non-gender specific way of referring to certain characters. As much as a character may resemble a male or female, if they are an angel they do not possess a gender. This leaves room for some homosexual subtext in the manga to the happiness of many yaoi-lovers.

At the heart of Wish are the tensions between demons and angels, heaven and hell, and God and the Devil, with the human world trapped in between. An angel named Kohaku is given a mission to track down the missing Angel Master of the wind, Hisui. In quest of Hisui, Kohaku who at night chibifies and is weaker, is saved before sunrise from a hell-originated bird attack summoned by the devil Kouryuu by a kind-hearted and taciturn doctor, Shuiichirou Kudu. Kohaku is extremely grateful to the doctor, and wants to recompensate and reward the kindness Shuiichirou displayed towards Kohaku. However, there was no wish that the doctor desired. Kohaku distressed and earnestly desiring to grant this human a wish ends up staying living with Shuiichirou hoping to find a wish he can grant. This effectively puts a halt in Kohaku’s search of Angel Master Hisui which leads to a lot of problems among Heaven (and Hell too when Hisui is found on Earth with Satan’s son *wink*).

This is a story about Angels and Devils and about human dreams that cannot be realised alone.

A few Manga Scans taken from the first volume (to be read right to left – and I apologise in advance for badly scanned pages…i’ll try and get a few more up including the beautifully coloured ones)

By Raven


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