The Legend of Zelda – Phantom Hourglass

6 Responses to The Legend of Zelda – Phantom Hourglass

  1. A must for Zelda fans =D
    Got more and classicness as always.

    Pretty nifty new items and only a few minigames are annoying/hard…

  2. Like I said on CommSie’s blog I was 15 minutes in and the rat bounding around with the key left me puzzled and annoyed. So annoyed I haven’t touched it since.

    But I think that’s mainly due to the fact I’m playing Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice for All. Mehe.

  3. Phoenix xP

    Kill the rat xP Trap it xP Annoy it xP~

  4. You know, I hate typos that I make. -_-

    I did try trapping it at the time. I thought, ‘Why else would that block be there?’ but even with that I couldn’t do it! Perhaps when I have more free time (ha) I will pick it up agian.

  5. @#*&^% typo.

  6. Pssst, jab the admin of the blog to edit the comments D=

    Free time like over 30 years =D
    And also, good luck when you get to the last case in PW.

    Does Linebeck in Phantom Hourglass remind people of other savvy popular sea types?

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