Pokemon Cross Stitch

Tempting, if I had any cross stitching talents whatsoever that is.


Making iPhone/iPad apps

Some day I shall get round to this, this crash course in Objective-C for iOS6 is a nice starting point, and there’s more beginner guides linked at the bottom of the article.


Clash of Clans

The ‘Clash of Clans’ game should be renamed ‘Crash of Servers’ considering how often it goes down.
Also forum, yay or nay?


Tea bags

I remember a decade (or two) ago a teabag was good for a pot of tea. Now a teabag is good for a cup of tea. Same size teabag, same size content. Where does the difference between a whole pot and a cup come from? What do they put in that bag?
I don’t trust this stuff, I’ll stick to coffee.


Steve Jobs on computers, speech from 1983

This version includes the Q&A bit after the speech at the 1983 International Design Conference.
Still relevant to this day.
Read more…


Buying a second hand aquarium


  • It’s considerably cheaper assuming everything works.


  • It’s a LOT of work to set everything up the way you want.
  • Can get expensive if you don’t check everything properly.

Things to check for:

  • Make sure you can see the tank up and running so you know all the equipment works. Having to find out later you need a new pot filter or lighting and you can quickly exceed the cost of buying everything new in the first place.
  • Check for leakage on filter, tank and tank stand. Standard stands are plywood covered in veneer, a bit of water damage from weekly water changes can over time seep through the veneer and expand the plywood, making the whole stand an accident waiting to happen.
  • Carefully check how the tank is set up so you know what you want to replace and how. This goes for the filter, background, substrate and any decorative pieces that may have been glued in place.

Guardian Cross tip: After the missions

So you’re done with all the missions and submissions of Chapter 1 and you’re waiting for the next chapter in Guardian Cross, what do you do in the mean time? Well you can re-fight all the battles you’ve completed, this will still give you Guardian Points (GP) and award you with random drops of Hunting and Colosseum tickets. To gain the maximum amount of GP look at your map at the first bridge from the left. To the right of it is the Town of Mechadane. Enter it and in the top right corner is the merchant Clark. Every time you defeat him you gain 60GP, which is the maximum at the moment.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Dammit, after trying my best not to read any news on the movie I stumbled across the trailer and now I’m looking forward to seeing it. Seeing as they’ve drawn the book out to 3 movies maybe Jackson will revisit the Lord of the Rings again after this to make it a trilogy per book as well…

Work in progress... home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.