Guardian Cross

Guardian Cross is a great new game for iPhone & iPad by Square Enix, well worth checking out for Final Fantasy and card game fans alike.
Quests, player vs player, monster hunting for rare cards, it’s got it all.
Hiroyuki Ito, the creator of the Final Fantasy ATB system, is the lead concept planner for Guardian Cross. Composer Naoshi Mizuta and character designer Akira Oguro round out the all-star development team.

For a limited time, players can receive rare limited edition cards including moogles, mandragoras, Ifrit and other classic monsters from Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV by inviting friends to play Guardian Cross.
If you do decide to check it out (it’s free so hell yeah) enter invitation ID SI57028 when you first start the game and we’ll both get a rare card!


Sign of the times #1

Noticing a steady increase of shops for second hand goods in all parts of the city, from the poorer areas to the main shopping street.


Kavinsky – Roadgame


Cybermen invasion in Heerlen

They have begun invading empty real estate. The shops will be next. Then… global domination!

Cybermen Heerlen


The Hunger Games

Finally got a chance to see the Hunger Games. Wow. What a pointless movie. It’s like the crappy writer of new Dr. Who got together with the people who made the Twilight movies and admitted they ran out of ideas so they decided to make an extremely poor rip-off only very loosely based on Battle Royale and tossed some vague 1984 stuff in there. Without the fun bits of Battle Royale.
It’s set in a sci-fi setting for some weird random reason that doesn’t add anything to the story. There’s a ‘love’ story that really stretches the definition. And a lot of time is wasted on showing how epically awesome the main heroine of the story, Katniss, can handle a bow and arrow only to have her botch up every single shot when the games actually start. Add implausible rescues in the knick of time at every random interval, some very well known actors who look like they too are struggling to get the point of the movie so they can get into their roles and the whole thing just ends up looking and feeling like something that should have gone straight to the bargain video/dvd/blu-ray/new-medium-of-choice bin. Why this was such a huge success is beyond me. Maybe the books are better, but I doubt it.


Gaia Park 2012

We had a fun day out with the kids who are able to appreciate the zoo more now that they’re a little older. Seeing as this was our fourth or so visit to Gaia Park I noticed we didn’t take too many pics of the animals but more of our own little monkeys.
Also a problem at Gaia is that there are quite a few enclosures where you end up staring at the grass and bushes because the animals are nowhere to be seen as the enclosures are that well planted.

Blood worm

My latest sushi experiment.
Just kidding. I’ve now had to expand the diet of my fish with blood worms seeing as it’s the recommended food for my snake fish (Erpetoichthys calabaricus). You keep it in the freezer and every day you break off a small cube to feed. I thaw it out with a few drops of hot water, let it stand for a few minutes and then chuck it in the tank.

Seeing as I have a community aquarium it’s a bit of a juggle as blood worm is considered a delicacy by pretty much all fish, but most of them shouldn’t be eating it on a daily basis as they’ll get too fat. The other fish are supposed to eat their flakes as it offers other nutrients necessary to them but seeing as they go bananas as soon as I toss in the blood worms and then ignore the flakes I have to feed them the flakes first and then once all of those are gone I usually wait until the snake fish is swimming away from the others so I can feed him before the others get to it. It makes for an entertaining scene, even though he’s a predator and much bigger than the other fish they all swoop in to try and get a bite of the blood worms. I’m sure that’ll stop as soon as he grows a bit more.


Alien Fish come in peace

A very alien looking albino Protopterus or African Lung Fish at the Grottenaquarium in Valkenburg we visited this weekend. Even weirder to see it move and swim around and look at you.


Mmmm, coffee icecream slush

Duck, heatwave! Bloody hot outside here at the moment. But it’s a lot better than the rain from the past weeks.
I was quite surprised to find the kids preferred the coffee stuff we were having over their kiddie ice-cream with sprinkles. Good taste though.
Also note to self; don’t let them try it again. Bouncy kids.

Work in progress... home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.