Life and times of a bonus track

So you know how EPs and ‘special editions’ of CDs contain all kinds of special versions of songs, limited editions, unreleased stuff… Well, the first single of the new Edguy album (great album btw, nice to see some bands stay true to themselves and not going muy loco *coughsStratovariuscoughs*)is released, an EP for the price of a single actually.
5 tracks plus a video, and track 5 is called ‘Life and times of a bonus track’

#Poor artist went to the label, truckloads of money in mind
Rich artist left the building
Cause all the labels had been standing in line
And so they signed

Artist wrote rock’n roll history
Concentrated on an album so strong
But business claimed limited editions
Insisting on additional songs

That was the time when I had been born
When I first saw the light of day
And even if you’ve got a different opinion
From my point of view – needless to say –
That I’m happy to be
Even if you don’t want me to be
The world wouldn’t go round without me

I’m a bonus track on my way to Japan
And I’m gonna be spread on Internet
I’m a bonus track, to Brazil and back
I’m enjoying worldwide fame

They’ll screw the industry, pay no royalty
Burn me on CD, all illegally
Chinese bootlegs, Russian piracy
Cutthroat Germans they all copy me
And I don’t give a shit, to me it’s all the same
As long as I get all the fame
And the girls know my name

I don’t give a fucking shit, no, I don’t give a shit
Don’t give a fucking shit, no, no…
Not a single little fucking shit
Oh this is it… This is it! It!
I’m a bonus traaaaaaaaaaaaack…

Ahem, right D


Least productive day EVER

The network drives at work are down, they contain my id files, no id files > no work.
I’m tiiiiiired as f00k and can only browse the web a bit, meanwhile the sun is shining and I start pondering about vacation… I definitely want a 2 week break in the sun in May.
Who’s with me?!


*lights a cig*

Yippie kah yeah motherfuckers (he said in a Bruce Willis – Die Hard kinda way)

Today I got another offer to make a website for a company… I’ve had several and always said ‘no thanks, not interested’ in the past.
But… with my current state of finances and unemployment coming up in little over a month, maybe it’s time for a change.
The guy who can get me the deal says he can get more, so that’s interesting.
I could probably handle 80-90% of everything an SMB (MKB for the dutchies) could ask for and I have a couple of mates I can fall back on should I require extra knowledge/hands.
Guess I’m gonna see how this one works out first, could always make it a sidedeal next to a regular job.
lol, and first I have to figure out how much to charge, I have nooo idea.

I’m also swapping mails with someone from management at the company I work for now, could be an interesting lead.

Hmm, also upgraded the account today, we now have shitloads more space and monthly bandwidth, at no extra cost too. They just reworked their hosting deals. Gotta love it.

Currently listening to:
Duran Duran – Wild Boys


Turn up my collar

Megadeth’s Addicted to chaos:
#Light shined on my path,
Turn bad days into good
Turn breakdowns into blocks, I smashed ’em
Cause I could
My brain was labored, my head would spin
Don’t let me down, don’t give up, don’t give in
The rain comes down, cold wind blows
The plans we made are back up on the road
Turn up my collar, welcome the unknown
Remember that you said
“One day you’ll walk alone”#

After a decade still rockin’ and still appropriate. The X’s anthem if you will.

In other news, Edgar will finally get to pick up his wife tomorrow and Garnet proposed to her bf, he said yes. Go G! And congrats Edgar, finally eh mate )
A’s dad died and I’m kinda (typical X language for very) worried about the impact it’ll have on her.
Ah yeah, and last but not least, I’m single again.
Still no job prospects other than the thingie Croga send me (thanks dude), which would mean me doing more of the same I have been doing. Which is not quite what I have in mind, I think.
I’m feeling… restless, and with each passing month as more and more stuff piles up I’m more and more starting to consider doing something radically different.

Turn up my collar, welcome the unknown…. time will tell I guess, we’ll see. But somehow I like the idea of being the same person in the same place doing the same things one year from now even less than the current turmoil and uncertainty.


Monday blogday

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
– Frank Herbert, Dune – Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear

Nice quote (from one of my fave books).
The problem with a lot of nice quotes is that they work so much better in theory than practice.

Got some books on C# and Javascript yesterday, now all I need is time (and energy) to read them.
Have to do something neh.

Listening to:
Vanessa Carlton – A thousand miles
(heard it on the radio today, had to Google for the name, now it’s on repeat)


Mwahaha *coughs*

How would you survive the end of the world?

Cunning. Through use of many of life’s faculties,
you’ve managed to suceed greatly. It may not
seem so to many, but isn’t the the point most
times? It’s only a matter of knowing more then
the others, right? I’m scared of people like
you, but in the same time, admire the ability
to see more then just the big picture; you see
yourself in it every time. You survived the end
by knowing who to knock down so you got that
last spot in the bunker… nicely done.



(in other words, 0 ideas for a title)

Diary of Dreams – Dream Collector finally came in the mail, with some ad flyers and stuff added to the package and a DoD card which upon closer inspection seemed to have been autographed by DoD’s Adrian Hates. Can’t beat that for extra value )

Friday was fun, going to dinner with Crog, his gf and CommS, then to Once upon a time in Mexico. Interesting movie, lots of cool action scenes but it felt more like a collection of scenes than a movie.
Followed by drinkage in ze pub after which C and I wandered off to hook up with Angel & friends. Funniest 2+ hours I ever spent in a snackbar o.O

Played Enemy Territory for the first time last night… I sucketh.



Several inches of snow laying outside, my drive to work this morning was more sliding than driving.
Winter weather, winter mood.
My subconscious is annoying the fuck out of me, while I’m rationally at peace with some of the recent events my nights are plagued by sleeplessness and nightmares, waking up I can feel in my gums that once more I’ve been grinding my teeth in my sleep.
Too much has been going on and the knowledge that I’ll be out of a job in 3 months without pretty much any chance of getting a new one without totally switching careers seems to cut away the last bit of stability, leaving me once more to contemplate the future from a ‘Where the hell do I go from here?’ point of view on pretty much all aspects of my life.
Time will tell I guess…
It’s winter.


The Other Side

Didn’t know in which category to stick this, it originally started out as a splash for a new private website but I abandoned that idea, then I showed it to some people and they used it as a wallpaper, so wallpaper it is…

Work in progress... home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.