1,2,3, in da place to be…

Ehm, right. Well… after several weeks of offline activities I’m back online, so this is just a random bullshit entry to inform you of that joyous occasion.
And seeing as that pretty much concludes my meaningful news for the day seeing as this IS after all a public blog and I for one have never been inclined to post anything too personal on here I’ll leave you with this:
Weird shit


24 hours

The longest day, quite possibly. I haven’t slept much… I’m excited, nervous, a wreck from serious loss of sleep and I don’t know what I’m going to be doing for the next 24 hours.
In 24 hours she’ll be here, just 1 more day.
Time for coffee.


Time flies

Ah, the joys of updates.
Lessee… 13 days til Shimi… got told last week I’ll be out of a job in a few months… got a Pentium 4 with Asus mobo for free from some nutter who would probably prefer to remain nameless p… 2 skins added to the blogs… 2 new subforums to be added soon… I’m hoping Christmas will be over soon, I’m really missing her >.>…
Nope, I’m definitely not blog-material *grins*



Stuff I ate today:
Pita gyros (extra large),
spaghetti (and lots of it),
pancakes (about 7 or 8),
a litre of creamy yoghurt with strawberries,
random other stuff and lots of coffee an soda to flush it down.
In other words, I’m quitting smoking, lol, and it’s haaaaaaaaaaaard.
It’s amazing what it’s doing to my appetite (I’m not even going in to the rest of the reactions o.O). It’s now been 84 hours since my last cig *twitches* and if weren’t for Shimi supporting me I’d prolly be typing this while lurking on a nice… yummy… droolworthy… soothing… cigarette.
*blinks and sips coffee*


I forgot how much I liked Elfquest

until Shimi reminded me. *makes a note to pick up the series where I left the next time I have money… some day*

So, seeing as a blog isn’t a blog without some quizzes here and there, here’s an Elfquest one:

You are most like Cutter
What Elfquest Leader Are You Most Like?
by Peacepine at For Elf Eyes Only


Saturday evening…

let’s see, I’ve added the Stockholm skin by, I hope he’ll make more because it looks great and I simply don’t have the time right now to make anything decent looking.
We’re already blogging with 12 people and more are added almost every day. When you go to you see the most recent updated blogs there, seems we’re making up a big percentage of the userbase O.o
I thought it would be in use way more.

Been reading Ender’s Shadow for the past couple of hours.
It’s a great read thusfar and it means a lot to me that Shimi sent me one of her favourite books.
50 days til she’s finally here.

I need more money *nods*


The joys of mondays

I got up> checked my mail and replied>ran to the toilet to puke>tried to get to work but my car wouldn’t start (absentmindedness sucks, first time ever I forgot to turn the lights off last evening)>had to wait an hour for help>got to work>major headache rocks when you have to call and deal with dozens of people>went to the dentist for a checkup only to be told he fucked up June’s rootcanal treatment (like I already told him a while back when I was still having problems…) so I have to get that redone… joy>went back to work only to find out a trainee fucked up a database so I had to fix it>went home>got my bankstatement… new all time low…

Read more…



I guess this is the first real entry I’ve made here, the others were just for testing.
I still have NO idea if I’m gonna use this for real, seemed mostly a fun thing to add for our community.
But me writing everyday stuff here, or thoughts and feelings… I doubt it. So maybe just some random ramblings ;)

See, now I’ve already thought of everything I want to say here… for now. Been busy working on the first 2 skins for this blog and they’re still not finished, it’s late, I’m tired and Shimi just p00fed from chat.
So I’ll give her a few minutes to get back or I’m Zzzzzz…



*crosses fingers* Testpost #1, let’s see if this shit works.

Work in progress... home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.