Aquarium jungle

Aquarium Jungle

Here’s a photo of my aquarium before a much needed trimming of the plants. Ever since I started using liquid CO2 (I use EasyCarbo) this has become a recurring thing. The change from before to after is so extreme I’d never go back to not using it. Fast growing plants start growing insanely fast (20-30 centimeters a week) and slow growing plants that seemed stale and pitiful suddenly spring to life and grow strong and rich colored leaves.
I’m still struggling with taking proper photos of the tank, somehow even with my dslr I’m having a hard time capturing the depth and richness of the colors.


Make animated gifs loop on the Mac

gimp animated gif
If you want to make some animated gifs on the Mac and want to make them loop there are a few program you can come across while searching the web. However GIFfun and GIFsicle didn’t work for me and several other suggestions are outdated and no longer work under Mountain Lion.
Gimp for Mac did the trick for me, it lets you set the loop and compile your own animated gifs from individual frames if you so like.

Gimp for Mac

Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer

Star Trek Into Darkness

I’m looking forward to it even though I can’t remember a damn thing about the first, which usually isn’t a good sign.
On the bright side; Sherlock Holmes.


Jobs are hard to find

Snow Trooper snow plowing
Even Snow Troopers are having a hard time in this economy.


Easy Remote Desktop

Easy Remote DesktopI needed an easy way to control my Mini from my iMac, and Easy Remote Desktop is as easy as it gets.
– Buy Easy Remote Desktop for €0.89,
– on the computer you wish to control enable Remote Management in the Sharing pane of the System Preferences,
– launch Easy Remote Desktop,
– enter the ip or network name of the computer you want to control and away you go.
Unobtrusive, reliable, small footprint and cheap.

Small tip; if like me you go full screen and don’t know how to get out of it again; double click on the menu bar at the top of the computer you’re controlling.



Rejoice in this utterly useless post celebrating the 12th day of the 12th month in the year 2012.


Pretty html buttons

Made with just html and css.


Sign of the times #2

As mentioned in the previous post second hand stores are spreading more and more to the point that now even franchises are sprouting left and right specialized in selling second hand products.
The latest 2 in Heerlen are 4xG and Used Products.
Poverty, now featured on the main shopping streets. Yeah we’re doing good. Maybe for the next year they’ll replace some of the restaurants with soup kitchens.

Work in progress... home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.