Food of the gods

‘nough said.

In other news, 2 weeks of training over! Woohoo. It really was a bit much.
The Linux week kicked butt but the MCSA course was a bit of a let down. 5 sysadmins, all of which had a shitload more experience than me, but some I wouldn’t let near a comp of mine, they were that ehm… slow. Also, the ‘microsoft’ way of training isn’t really my cup of tea. I prefer my course material to be extremely to the point, concise and consistent. M$’s book left us debating what the hell they meant half the time. I’m still glad I went though, picked up enough things to improve things at work for the next several months, and ofcourse I have 4 more courses before the end of the year…

ps. Thanks again CommS for your hospitality.

The vacation plans are still not 100% set in stone, so… to be continued.


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