Holiday p00f

This is the end of the first week of 3 weeks of vacation in total, and I haven’t done much thusfar, hehe. My continued lack of sleep seems to have caught up to me or waited for this moment to bite me in the ass and I spent much of the week comatose. Except for Commie coming over the past few days, going out for dinner yesterday evening in a sunny tourist setting kickstarted the vacation vibe for real. Spent today reading William Gibson’s Count Zero from cover to cover. I love his way of telling a story. Page 2 and you’re already lost with the characters in a crazy and chaotic world which looks like sci-fi at first but has frightening similarities with present day upon closer inspection.
Last weekend was fun as well, spent 2 evenings out and about in town with Bresnjev and a few others. Relaxing, enjoying a few beers and live music.
We further discussed some plans for future endeavours, cruisin’ Europe on the weekends from time to time. Ofcourse money is still an issue, but we’ll figure it out somehow. Carpe diem and all that, we all seem to have grown tired of life getting in the way of living.

#I’ve seen the moon
And the first sunrise
I’ll leave it to the memories
And kiss the wind goodbye#

edit: well, no Malaysia after all… time to figure out what to do the next 2 weeks.


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