Summer’s end

Vacation’s all over, and it royally sucked.
Seeing as the Malaysia thing p00fed last minute it was impossible to plan anything else seeing as everyone was busy working or on vacation themselves.
Le beach
So aside from one nice day at the beach in Belgium on the 31st I spent most of the time doing useful crap like rearranging my appartment and finally getting rid of a lot of stuff I never had the time for.

Last week was the first week back at work, and it was horrible. Zandweter left for his holiday on tuesday and ofcourse immediately Murphy’s law kicked in as the 1 system I know jack about because he always maintains it started acting up and disconnecting users at random. Not fun seeing as it’s the main ERP.
So after a week of that shit and plenty of overtime I’m already in need of vacation again (or maybe still seeing as I didn’t go anywhere).
Le beach II
Bres and me did have a good day at the beach in Zeeland yesterday, luckily the weather cleared up nicely doing the day and we even got some sun. Just in time, because at night we had to drive back through a freak storm. 500km in a day (several detours as usual), not too shabby.
If it had rained during the day we might have gone to Paris or Berlin, but we’ll save that for the next time. I must say it’s quite relaxing to go nuts on the weekend and go out and about like that.


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