Top 50 atheism quotes


I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

Mark Twain:

A man is accepted into a church for what he believes and he is turned out for what he knows.

George Bernard Shaw:

The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.

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25 Responses to Top 50 atheism quotes

  1. Haven’t clicked on the link yet..
    …but I already like the three you quoted – a lot.

    Good stuff :)

  2. I would class half of them as ‘Agnostic’ quotes, but meh, I don’t know much.

  3. Humane, according to some, though, Agnosticism is a form of Atheism. Which doesn’t make full sense, but meh.

    They are amusing, though, and I’ve heard many before.

    When my English teachers starts preaching, I start quoting…x3;

  4. From whatever form, classification, out of context or whatever… There is something more logical about most quotes…

  5. These are awesome x3
    *favs it and shares it with a friend*

  6. nothing against the quotes or atheists themselves. i love Jesus and god, so i gotta say something, thats all.


    in several nonfiction books that were written around the time of Jesus, they mention jesus. These books have nothing to do with the Bible.

    alright, so the question here is: do you belive that a prophet named jesus exsisted?

    If no, then we have a HUGE number of liars out their.

    if yes than, hes a goood teacher, or something along those lines.

    and then he is one of 3 options

    1 telling the truth.
    2 a mad man
    3 a liar

    now, believe witch ever of these you choose, all im doing is making the point that there was a prophet named Jesus, and he DID claim to be the son of god. my personal belife isthat he was telling the truth, but im not Bible thumper, and im not going to attack anyone about their belifes, but theyll see mines better. or,stay with their ways.

  7. No attack, but the other so-called nonfiction literature from that era merely mentioned him. How many selections coincide with the rest of his legend? Sure, Jesus was a man, and he may even have claimed to be the son of God..but who’s to say that he wasn’t mad?

    In 753 BC, the supposed twins Romulus and Remus [founders of Rome] we’re said to be born of Priestess Rhea Silvia and sired by Mars, God of War. There is a load of literature that attends this…but does it make it so? :]

    I could claim to be the Daughter of God…hey, why not? I’m pretty amazing. Nothing was mentioned in the Bible, but the Bible is incomplete..

    X, this is the kinda stuff we need the forum for. x3

  8. i never said he wasnt mad, i was just making a point. Arguing about this is pointless, it just makes both sides angry……but sidesthat. all i was trying to say is that, jesus could have been a man…..*shrugs* so us christainy people……either are idolizing some mad crazy man……or we figured something out. ^^

  9. Lol, no hard feelings! I wasn’t attacking you. :] Just saying.

  10. i know i know ^^ s’all good ^^
    i just….get into to many arguments over jesus and stuff….tis annoying….but put simply, i try to be tolerant of other “religions” (including atheism in there) i mean…..i wont force them to convert…just show them how my ways better….threw actions….and if i didnt think my ways better, how would i truly belive in the religion i do?

  11. Well, that’s not a bad rationale.
    But how? Through the actions of other self-proclaimed believers who use their faith as not an example of how to rightly life but as an excuse to be nasty.

  12. not like that…just…like how….i can talk to some guy in the sky…and even with trust issues it gives me a proper crutch to rest on…..thats one way of thinking about it….but i mean……just by being myself and and doing what i believe in…..mabey itll hit somebody that life is slightly less sucky with some big loving guy in the sky as your friend..dont know exactly how to explain it….but i mean…what im doing now…if i get into a pleasent disscusion about it, that might make someone question whether or not htey should look into christianity…in a good way

  13. “just show them how my ways better….threw actions”

    Through actions? How doth you show one your ways are better? Actually, no, i don’t want to know. I’m sick of people “showing” me their ways are “better”. I’m a stubborn ass bull and i ain’t budging. Best to leave people be in my honest opinion. I don’t go telling other people of other religions that being an atheist is better. I respect them and their beliefs and i leave them be to believe in what they want. It makes them happy, and it makes me happy that they aren’t preaching me their “better ways”. I don’t preach to them, and they don’t preach to me. All is good imo. :3

    Can’t we just respect each other’s beliefs and not go and tell/show someone that one’s way is better? I’d rather not hear/be shown how one’s way is better. I’m better of being left alone. If bothered with such nonsense i close the door, because they are unable to understand why i believe in what i believe and will not accept that fact. I don’t question others beliefs and i won’t go and prove them wrong. I’m not going to try and discount or disprove to anyone that they are wrong and that my ways are better. It sounds rather rude had i had to sit there and listen to ones better ways. And to you it would be rude if i showed you though actions that my ways where better.

    Just respect one’s beliefs and leave them be. Would be one less stressful conversation for them to contend with..

  14. Okay…it seems you took it the wrong way love, and yes, i do suck at spelling, you dont need to bring that up as well. anyways, i ment, just doin my thing, not showing anything, just exsisting, doin my thing, and not changing my ways. thats all i ment, its just…..and not attacking anyone…..its ingrained into my head that “christianity is the most awsome way” and that “people who see how you are and how you act, will ownder why” and “that thru our actions they may find the light” or some nonsense, its not ment as forcing anything on anyone.

    i would never attack someones beliefs, thats horrible.

  15. And that shows that you’re a decent person.

  16. thank you helixy ^^

  17. Not there was ever an argument here but I’m God’s daughter.

    End of story. xD

  18. Oh noes! Teh Jesus has siblings…

  19. umm..yeah jesus did have siblings…but thats besides the pont ^^
    daughter not sister silly
    im jesus’s daughter lady too ^^

  20. Mm, I meant sister through The Father, not through Mary. And that depends on which one of the Trinity you’re going for.

    Hey…since they’re all one-in-the-same…does that mean Jesus has an Oedipus complex?

  21. i never thought of that….but no….god didnt exactly have sex with mary…he just stuffed a baby in her ^^

  22. …difference? No, no, I kid.

    I’ve read the Bible and am familiar with all that jazz. Of course God didn’t have sex with her, how else could you have a supposed Virgin Birth?

  23. He’s god, he can do anything! Popped her cherry, knocked her up and then restored her hymen.
    Voila, virgin birth!

  24. Well, y’know, or you could go the turkey-baster route…

  25. XD you guys a fruits XD but oh well….man….the semen of god…….that be like magical……

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