Bye bye Avalanche

Well, here goes… I’m posting this here seeing as I doubt this would last 5 minutes if I’d post it at AO.
I finally, formally, quit as admin at Avalanche Online, and for the following reasons:
– conflict in management. Personally I think allowing spammers to stay just so the board appears alive is a perfect way to fuck up the community.
And it has been fucked up. Everyone but a few has long since moved on and the forum is a joke compared to the old days.
– Non-involvement of the admin. Edgar was gone for a year. We’re all busy, and we all found time to moderate the place anyhow. If you don’t care just shut the place. And copying bits and pieces from all over the web now to make up ‘content’ is a joke.
– The whole bandwidth soap and the asking for money. I had full admin access to the site, I’ve seen the bandwidth usage. Even after removing the mp3’s it was claimed the site still did way over 100GB a month. It didn’t, it barely scratched 30, and even at that… I pay $10 a month for this site, and that includes 205GB/month bandwidth. Do the math…
– Dragon627 getting booted. He was still active and was removed as super moderator without even getting a notice, with Edgar claiming he couldn’t get a hold of D. Dragon’s always in our chatroom and nearly always on AIM. More bullshit.
– CommS borrowed Edgar a few hundred so he could get his wife over. That was early 2003, to this day Edgar hasn’t spoken to C about paying him back… and he’s borrowed money from more people…

Thanks to everyone at AO who made it a fun place when I started there 4 years ago, but given said points I think it’s time I finally call it officially quits.

And Edgar, you seriously need to change your attitude towards friends who’ve always been there for you. And contact CommS about the money, you don’t live that far away amigo…


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