Enthousiasmeren is a word I hate. It’s not even a word as far as I’m concerned.
It means ‘to make people enthusiastic about something’. In Dutch. The problem is, the word didn’t exist until a few years ago and now it’s being thrown around left and right. I hate buzzwords with a passion. Am I the only one?

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  1. The thing is, language evolves all the time. Partly by new dialects or merging of old ones and also partly by new word creations, which are popular enough to find their way into common speech (and there are surely more ways). So I think, you might better get used to it, as it might force it’s way into your spoken vocabulary one day :-P

    • I don’t mind if it’s a natural development but if the media starts forcing new words to artificially create hypes or buzzwords… kill.

      • Is it really that common in the media?

        And btw., isn’t there a native word for that already? In German I’d say ‘begeistern’ and as German and Dutch have a lot of things in common, I suspect that there might be an equivalent.

        • It’s quite common yeah. As for a native word… I can’t think of one off the top of my head, one could say ‘enthousiast maken’. Begeistern is one I thought of, taking words from german because they capture the essence of something better than any Dutch or English word is quite common too. :)

          • Well, then at least it’s a word, that hasn’t been there before and it’s better than copying from other languages in my book. I can think of a search for a word in Germany, because there was no opposite of thirsty. ‘Sitt’ was invented, but so far it wasn’t able to find it’s way into common language (and considering its unimaginative form, I’m glad for that). Enthousiasmeren on the other hand has some nice sound to me. But I have a different perspective of course.

  2. Motivate is good enough.

    You don’t want everyone to talk AOL speak (~O_o)~

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