WoW forum?

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  1. There are about 10 active 70 – 80 users so I don’t see why not.

  2. WTF, Jos, you and World of Warcraft? Never thought it would be possible to see those two words in one sentence o_o’

    Which Realm are you guys on? Maybe I’ll cross-transfer later :D

    Uber-1337 Power-Fire Mage ;D


    • Miracles do happen. ;)
      We’re on Vek’nilash. Main’s a 80 warlock in need of raiding gear, next up is levelling my main alt, a retri paladin.

  3. Here I am on my annual “Check day” and I find you finally succumbed to the evil clutches of WoW.

    I reckon you are in desperate need of my expertise, so if you ask nicely, I’ll be so kind as to get a toon on your server and raid with you. =p

    Nicks, faction and guild name?

    • I’m managing quite well thank you, so we’ll live. ;p
      Raistlander/Alliance/New Hope. Although the latter could change any time soon as I’m not terribly impressed. I’ll either jump ship or level my alts first. The guild we’re in now has some nice people, but there’s just not enough of them, and unfortunately some simply suck.

  4. Very impressive character for someone new at the game. Seems like you really are managing well.

    Unfortunatly as I ran the armory check on you, I noticed you play on the EU servers so, no can play together. =/

    As far as guilds go, you should probably apply for a large raid guild as non-core raider at first and then work your way up. If you manage to get lucky you might find a very warm community and good players to raid with even if you’re not on the core progression groups. Just pay attention not to fall on one of those guild where all that matters is the recount logs in the end of the fights, after all, you play to have fun and not another job, right?

    • True, and not. Which probably makes it even harder to find the right guild for me.
      It’s a game, it’s supposed to be fun. So I’m looking for people who feel the same. I don’t mind wiping per se because hey, shit happens, people can make mistakes, misjudge something or what not. That’s all part of the game and if everyone played perfectly we’d be drones. But on the other hand it can also be annoying when we’re doing a lot of Heroics at the moment (to get our gear up to raid level) that sometimes you seem to wipe all the time because people just really suck at the game. Which is why I also think gearscore is nice but shouldn’t be an exclusive indicator of someone’s quality.

      • I know the feeling oh so very well. The guild I am in is practicaly disbanded (funny as “Disbanded” is the name of the guild.) and I’m currently gearing up a rogue on heroics. Unlike what seems to be your case, I’m only running with LFG PuGs and it makes me want to cry when I get paired up with those 5.4~6k Gearscore guys who simply have no idea of how to play their classes, so yeah, gs is no indicator of skill only of time spent and good friends carrying you through content. But good luck finding a good group to play with, I know very well how wow can be amasingly fun, specially in the beggining. I’ll treasure my first character’s memories for life. <3

        • Yeah, I’m beginning to think that level <80 really was a lot more fun than the magic 80. Maybe that's why people start twinks, the point of those has eluded me thusfar but it's starting to make more and more sense.

  5. I read the comments above and realize what a nerd I am. :/

  6. The guild isn’t terribly serious right now but if we switch over to Bijon/Mira’s then there is the possibility of world domination.

  7. I changed my mind.

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