Fast OS switching on a MacBook

MacBook OS Switching
All the doubts I had about the goodness called MacBook have disappeared after watching this movie, where you see a MacBook run OsX, Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux simultaneously and switch back and forth between them with a wooshy cube effect. The software used is Parellel’s Desktop for Mac and I think I may have to register while it’s still in beta…. it’s cheaper now and this does look like must-have software.

8 Responses to Fast OS switching on a MacBook

  1. Their cubeness idea is seen on many levels.
    Apple is ze new, cool and practical Borg.

  2. hooray borg!

  3. Indeed, hooray Borg!
    If XIII keeps musing about Mac like this, I’m willing to try a Mac too sometime.

  4. Mwahaha, my boss actually suggested today that I could get one. I <3 my job… or my boss anyway.
    Now the wait begins, roughly 3 weeks or so until it’ll be delivered.

  5. 3 weeks minus 1-2 days to my experience (^O_O)^

    Fufufu good Feng Shui

  6. It gets funnier, here you can turn your MacBook into a SmackBook:

  7. SmacBook = FUN (and actually kinda usefull)

  8. Drool…
    Oh the sweet temptation, but this baby is getting too hot sometimes so I’ve heard.
    Have you submitted your temperature to the “Intel Mac Temp. Database” yet?

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