Google Chrome Beta coming today

Hell officially froze over.

They said it wouldn’t happen, but it’s going to be released today… Google’s own browser.
Read the news announcement here. I’m going to have to check it out, but it’s going to take a lot to sway me away from Firefox.
Some of the features sound nice though… sandboxing tabs, the ability to drag tabs ‘out’ of the browser onto their own screens, built in Javascript compiler to speed things up. Let’s wait and see.

11 Responses to Google Chrome Beta coming today

  1. I wonder how much the cartoon artist made?

  2. I may also have to check this out… i’ve never been a firefox fan, its too slow for my liking, but does have some nice features. IE is simple and reasonably quick and reliable… but it does piss me off at times.

    Perhaps this can be the happy medium?

  3. I’m giving it a whirl right now.
    And… it has some really nice features.
    I also like the ‘maximum screenspace’ layout :)

    Too bad it has quirks with this site.
    I really hope Mozilla is paying attention too these features ;)

  4. What quirks? I just installed it and everything seems to work and look just fine to me. Except for the favicons for the blogs on the forum being too big, but that’s a known problem I had with Safari as well. And seeing as Chrome uses Webkit for rendering that makes sense.

  5. Let me guess…
    …pics or it didn’t happen? :-P

    First time: Only the header shows up.
    Second time: Not all images are properly loaded. Site displays and seems about 95% correct (imo).
    Third time: No idea. I’m back with the fox.

  6. Weird, it’s perfect for me. And so bloody fast. It’s a keeper, and I didn’t think I’d say that so quickly.
    I do wonder where some things are that are mentioned in the comic. Where is a setting to check/add/remove plugins? I’d love to test this with Java enabled to see if our ERP works on it.
    But I’m very impressed already.

  7. It ehm… works now.
    Seemingly, the cause of the problem is an incomplete (or corrupt?) browser cache.
    Now the frontpage loads with all scripts and just some images are prematurely stopped loading (making them blocky).

    A FULL refresh button would be a nice feature for me ;)

  8. Soon google can process all your input~! Ultimate information~


    “It’s worth noting that the EULA is largely unenforceable because the source code of Chrome is distributed under an open license. Users could simply download the source code, compile it themselves, and use it without having to agree to Google’s EULA.”

    But still, neh =D (Pandora box link in last paragraph of article~)

  10. In other news, when visiting a Geocities page I had my first popup jump up in a new window and not contained within the tab as advertised. So much for that idea.
    But I’m still impressed with the speed.

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