Ubuntu countdown

Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 splash
3 more days before Hardy Heron, aka 8.04 is released, and I’m looking forward to it. This is another LTS (long term support) release, meaning it’ll receive security updates for the next 5 years.
I’ll be tinkering with it on a spare pc to see if it’s got the goods to sway me away from the alternatives. I haven’t seen a conclusive list of everything new, but there are enough bits and pieces around the web to make me interested.

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  1. Interesting… I was impressed with the previous release of Ubuntu (everything worked, even my stubborn linksys wireless card), this one should be pretty good.

  2. BBC News: Ubuntu ‘reaping Linux dividend’
    Quote ” There’s no culture of piracy in the Linux community ”
    zOMG~! I got such wrong ideas about Linux.
    I thought, it’s avoided because it was too much effort to figure or read how things work, a little bit (too much effort for some >.> )

    FrozenTrout: “1) there’s nothing to pirate. 2) everything sucks anyway. Rather, there’s nothing that requires pirating.”

    There were some other comments after =3 Mehe.
    But from Linux there is nothing to pirate, no?

  3. That’s a bit of nonsense. There’s a lot of commercial software for linux, from games to hardcore very expensive business software. The fact that the operating system is free doesn’t mean the software is. But yeah, there happens to be a lot of software freely available for linux, making the desire for piracy very low. Why bother stealing something when you can legally install it with 2 clicks.
    As for too much effort, that depends on your point of view. Some things are actually easier on linux these days then on windows.

  4. Lots of things are easier.. That said 7.10 was a great improvement over 6.10.. which again was improved on 5.xx (I have tried all, and 7.10 is getting there)
    Still have a few problems with ubuntu, but then again.. I’m a traditionalist.. I think making it more “mass market” is a good idea so long as they don’t dumb it down too much for the win-clickers.

    Maybe I will give this one a go as well. I have a spare machine with heaps of ram (ubuntu is a resource hog)

  5. Yeah, so far so good. Haven’t been able to do much with it yet, Likewise keeps telling me it can’t find my DC even though the network settings are all ok. But otherwise it looks alright.

  6. Noticed one niggly little thing with ubuntu… and I don’t like it. It happens every time there is a new release, and stinks of M$ type forced upgrade behaviour.

    I fired up my n00buntu heap (7.10) yesterday to find a fix for a new user.. and it insisted it needed software updates. No problem thinks me.. I’ll let it do that and then help nubbins with his dual boot grub menu problem.

    Broken update.. many cases of “404 file not found” in the repositories, which seeing as they are security related it isn’t good… and they became stuck in aptitude causing all kinds of headaches and fails.
    They do this every single time… and it breaks every time. Wrong versions and things removed yet left in the lists.. I don’t want to upgrate to 8.04 just yet. I’m using the machine for compiling backports (and frontports) for debian lenny.

    These repository problems show a lack of foresight by the package and repository managers, and would have a typical ubuntu user running for a windows cd when they couldn’t resolve them.

    Anyway. that’s my moan of the day.

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