Samsung TV Plex app problems?

If you’re using the Plex app on your Samsung tv it may have updated in the past week or so. And if, like mine, this resulted in movies starting to glitch, stutter and even ultimately crash your tv (gotta love progress, crashing and resetting tv’s) give this a try:
Go to preferences, then select player, you’ll see 3 buffer settings. Set all 3 to 1MB and try watching something again. That did the trick for me.

3 Responses to Samsung TV Plex app problems?

  1. Thanks for this, had the same issue, put the buffers all down to 1mb and it works so much better, it navigates much more slick too.

    Have to make sure you have a fast connection to do this though

    • Glad to hear it helped, and yeah, I’m using wired. But even still, I wish there was a way to roll back to an older version as I still have some issues with some bigger movies, whereas the old version always worked smooth for me.

  2. Finally got around to try and figure out why plex stopped working – I tweaked your suggestion and put the initial buffer to 1, but reduced the other buffer to 30, and the total buffer to 31. That seemed to compensate nicely and I use a wireless connection with a fair distance from source. 1080p runs as smooth as it did before and no more stutter.

    Thanks for the tip!

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