Author: Uida Shiuko
Genre: Yaoi Drama
Status: Manga
Published out of Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

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Preview Based on Chapter 1 of manga “$10”

Ippei and Eiji are best of friends. Ever since they were kids, some might even call them soul mates. Ok I’m lying only Eiji would say they are. Well ever since their childhood Eiji has been covering up for Ippei. Ippei is reckless and immature and rarely thinks with a rational mind. But to him (Ippei) that’s what Eiji is there for. Whenever Ippei sleeps with a girl and she wants something and Ippei just wanted vagina he sends Eiji to do the dirty work—and I mean make up some kind of excuse.

However this time Ippei thinks he’s done the inexcusable: sex without a rubber. *gasp* He thinks he might have gotten a girl pregnant. Just the thought of Ippei having sex sends Eiji off into a state of nirvana: fantasying Ippei in the most seductive positions–ok maybe not the most seductive but they are pretty damn hot. Eiji is beginning to feel used by Ippei though. It seems that he can never admit his feelings for Ippei and the closest he gets to Ippei’s body is hearing Ippei talk about his many sexual adventures in his bedroom.

Anyway Ippei sends Eiji anyway to remedy the situation he got himself into (again). Eiji, being the only person on earth that can’t say no Ippei and his selfish ways, goes to talk to the girl. By now Eiji has gotten use to talking to girls; however, this conversation will prove to be different. The girls doesn’t seems to be the same type of girls that Eiji is use to talking to for Ippei, this one is blunt! She says that Eiji is keeping Ippei all for himself, and that it’s obvious that he loves him. Naturally that shakes Eiji up bit. But the girl isn’t going to force Ippei into fatherhood–he would have made a stupid father anyway.

Later when Eiji’s back in Ippei’s room he throws a fit because Ippei is acting reckless again by becoming a male prostitute to make extra money. Well not precisely he will just be giving blowjobs to old men. It’s his way of showing that he can take care of himself and doesn’t need Eiji to baby-sit him. Ippei thinks nothing of it but this news sends Eiji into an angry rage. His only option is to buy Ippei. He doesn’t want Ippei to put…well we don’t have to talk say it out in the open…so he decides to make Ippei “work on” him instead. Ippei does as is told and gets down on his knees to make a living. This is too good of a moment for Ippei to pass up, and he gets carried away. Ippei is just a blow job prostitute not a all the way type prostitute, but Eiji doesn’t care and out of no where starts taking advantage of Ippei. This new side of Eiji is one Ippei isn’t very fond of. The calm Ippei has been replaced with a hormone raging sex manic. Both Ippei and I were scared.

I’m not a fan of the art in this manga, but I don’t think it’s bad. The faces are sort of pointy and there isn’t much detail. I think it’s sort of bland but I’m rather picky when it comes to art.

I have a feeling that I only downloaded the first chapter–which is so sad because the sex was so good. T.T Either way the first chapter (or short story) is decent at best, shallow at worst. The fact that Ippei decides to become a blowjob prostitute was a shallow attempt to find a reason for Eiji to have sex with him. Don’t get me wrong it saves a lot of ink by just saying “hey I’m a prostitute now you can just buy my body for a couple of hours and it won’t seem awkward because hey! It’s what I do now” but even though it’s yaoi I would like some content, especially if they are going to have so few sex scenes. It certainly is a drama oriented story. It moves a long fairly quickly, so you won’t feel as if you are reading an epic. There isn’t much else to say about this it’s just what it is, nothing spectacular really. A semi-boring read with naughty sex at the end.


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