Ai no Kusabi Opening – "Midnight-Illusion"

Toki no hazama ni ochiteiku
hane wo mogareta Shangri-la
yume no kakera karamitsuku
iki mo tsukenai kono mune ni
sakebu dake no Midnight
kasureta aegi ga Endless
tsukamenai kokoro Hard,Lonely
mabuta ni kizande
moreru toiki ga Heat and Cool
hitori ame ni nureru

kokoro to karada hikichigiru
nemurenu yoru no Monologue
mimi ni nokoru koe dake ga
atsui kodou shimetsukeru
tameikibukai Darkness
yuretekuzureru Shadow-moon
koe wo koroshite Irony,Spiral
todokanai omoi
yami wo kirisaku Midnight-illusion
hitori tachisukumu

sakebu dake no Midnight
kasureta aegi ga Endless
tsukamenai kokoro Hard, lonely
mabuta ni kizande
moreru toiki ga Heat and Cool
hitori ame ni nureru

koe wo koroshite Irony, Spiral
todokanai omoi
yami wo kirisaku Midnight-illusion
hitori tachisukumu

By Raven

Ai no Kusabi

Name: Ai no Kusabi
Genre: June/yaoi (contains male on male sex)
number of episodes: 2 OVA’s

Plot = C
Characters = C+
Music = D (Music? What music?)
Overall = C

General Outlook:
Do you like yaoi? Do you like master/pet smut? If not, turn back now, because those are really the only things to get you into and enjoying this anime.

As stated above: what music? Sure there are some background themes from time to time, but you really won’t notice much of anything, and there’s certainly nothing that will grab you and make you go ‘ooh!’

The main character in Ai no Kusabi is named Riki. He is living in the slums, as he is a ‘mongrel’ and was never granted citizenship in Eos. Not only is he a ‘mongrel’ but he has black hair, landing him solidly on the bottom of the social hierarchy (Blondies are the top, then Silver, then Red, then Brown and Black). However, a blondie intervenes and prevents a gang from killing Riki. As Riki has no money, he pays the blondie back by giving him his body. The blondie, as it turns out, is THE blondie, and is named Iason Mink. Taking quite a fancy to Riki’s defiant attitude, he makes the young man his sole pet, and ‘trains’ him for three years.

Pets are an accepted and expected part of a blondie’s life. Blondies do not engage in sex, rather, they watch their pets pleasure themselves and each other to gain their kicks. Iason, however, actually has sex with Riki, incurring the wrath of Jupiter, the computer who rules over Eos. Even after releasing Riki from being a pet Iason cannot live without him, and after hiring a former member of Riki’s gang to betray Riki, Iason blackmails Riki into returning to him. Guy, an old ‘pairing partner’(aka boyfriend) of Riki’s refuses to accept Riki’s relationship with Iason, and vows to take Riki back and kill Iason.

Throughout the anime both Riki and Iason are watched and warned by two other characters, Katze, a former ‘furniture’(castrated male who makes sure the pets behave) of Iason’s, now a high ranking black market dealer, and Raoul, a blondie, and Iason’s closest (only?) friend. Iason continues his relationship with Riki because he says he loves him, but Riki refuses to admit that he enjoys his relationship with Iason. However, we do see glimpses of their shared feelings, though it takes tradgedy for Riki to admit to himself and Iason just how he feels.

My Thoughts:
Mmmm to the yaoi. Even though I’m not giving this anime very high marks it is my absolute favorite June/yaoi show out there. Half of why it really can’t have high marks is that the OVA’s were made with the assumption that all the viewers had either read the book, or heard the radio program, making them already fully aware of the storyline and characters. Therefore, unless you are already made aware of at least the basic storyline, terminology, and characters BEFORE you watch ANK, you will be rather confused. While there are no visible genitals or penetration points, it is VERY obvious as to what’s going on in certain scenes, so this anime should be considered inappropriate for young viewers. Overall, if you like pretty boys who like pretty boys, especially ones who engage in master/pet sex activities, go find a good fansubber and get Ai no Kusabi NOW.

By Lady.

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