Amazing Agent Luna volume 1

Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir
Illustrator: Shei
Publisher: Seven Seas Manga
Release Date: March 2005
Genre: Shoujo, Coming of Age, Adventure
Age: General -They rated it TEEN but honestly developed girls that’s about as sexual as this thing gets-

Luna looks like your typical teenage girl, young, pretty, and full of energy; Luna however, has a secret unlike other teenage girls she never had much of childhood. Luna grew up in laboratory, and raised by the government to become a spy, and she is good at her job. On the trail of her arch nemesis Count Heinrich Van Brucken in Paris, Luna stumbles in on one of the Count’s devious plans. Unfortunately she is discovered, but her training pays off and she is able to escape with some valuable information. However, her return home isn’t a pleasant one, letting Van Brucken escape gets Luna is trouble for north successfully completing the mission. Still the information she collected showed that Von Brucken had a particular interest in a certain location. Luna’s new mission is to go and investigate and stop whatever Von Brucken planned on doing. Her mission is more dangerous than all of the jungles and dungeons Luna has faced before: High School.

Having been educated and trained by the Government, Luna hasn’t had any experience with other boys and girls her own age–this is going to be a lot of work. Luna is going to learn that High School is totally different than anything else. Luna is going to have to learn the ropes all over again, and this time her government training won’t be of much help (figures >.>). Luna’s the perfect innocent girl that is about to be taken apart by the other girls. Her good looks make her the immediate target of jealousy by the school’s most popular girl Francisca (her new arch nemesis). Luna is going to have it hard, as it is with all newcomers, trying to fit in can be hard. But Luna does make friends, and over time she begins to get the hang of High School. This do start to get confusing when the son of Count Heinrich Van Brucken enrolls into Luna’s High School, what’s worse is that she has a crush on him. Now Luna has to wonder if Van Brucken is using his son to collect information or something worse.

Luna hands are really full now. Not only does she have figure out and stop Van Brucken plans but she also has to keep her true identity a secret, figure out what the Count’s son is doing at the school, and make it through High School as a girl. This is truly the beginning of Luna’s greatest adventure yet.


Yeah, Amazing Agent Luna isn’t authentic manga right out of Japan, but it isn’t a get rich quick-smooch off of manga’s popularity either. In terms of story–besides the names and how corny they sound–Amazing Agent Luna is right up there with other shoujo manga in my opinion. This is definitely a shoujo fan manga, and rightly so, it’s just that it really targets fans of such. I must be honest though, the thing that attracted me to this manga was the cover. Yeah, I know the saying don’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case I was right. The artwork is really clean and smooth on the eyes; it’s really cute (probably too cute some).
The story is an interesting twist on High School, for girls, much of the stereotype is still there: popular girls are mean but there is always one that’s nice and befriends the new girl, there is always the cute guy that’s mysterious and that the new girl likes, and the new girl has a secret. It’s all to normal by now, making the new girl a spy and the mysterious boy be the son of the new girls arch nemesis isn’t too far from a pilot episode on Fox Network, it works in this. The plot might not be too original, but it’s still funny to read. You now could guess and pretty much tell where this series is going to go, and be on the mark without reading volume two–there just isn’t enough originality left in world. Still Amazing Agent Luna has a good and solid story, a good cast of characters, nice artwork, and it brings you back to those memorable days of High School. I like the story so far and I want to see how Luna eventually handles having both a crush on her arch nemesis’ son and keeping her secret. If you shoujo and just want a relaxing book to read, and laugh to, try Amazing Agent Luna out. While the story won’t blow you away, it won’t disappoint you either–well maybe it might but it’s not horrible by any means.



By Cherubim

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