Erica Sakurazawa: Angel

Creator: Erica Sakurazawa
Publisher: Tokyopop
Released: July 2003
Volumes: 1
Genre: Romance, Drama

Welcome to Sex and the City, manga-style, in this sophisticated chick-lit series from acclaimed manga-ka Erica Sakurazawa. These fairy tales for adults are lovingly drawn and feature elements of magic and mystery, as well as some gritty realism drawn from daily metropolitan life in our times. Other titles include; Angel Nest, Between the Sheets, The Aromatic Bitters, The Rules of Love, and Nothing But Loving You. All 6 of these one volume mangas have been snapped up by Tokyopop.

Have you ever felt lonely and had a stray cat wonder into your life, keep you company for a while and then disappear once your life gets going again? Ever wonder if that stray cat is out keeping someone else company? Well, what would happen if, instead of a stray cat, a stray angel came into your life when you were feeling low? Well, that was the question that Erica Sakurazawa asked herself when she wrote Angel.

When Kato finds an angel wondering around in a bar he takes her in and protects her. But what Kato doesn’t know is when his angel is out wondering the town she is actually helping others who need a little comfort in their lives.

Mizuho is a teenager facing the rough age when you feel worthless and your lack of strength is like a big “kick me” sign on your back. Mizuho has thoughts about killing herself but when she gets the courage to try she runs into the stray angel. Somehow, having this angel looking over her gives her strength and when she makes a good friend and finds happiness in life again the angel moves on and strays again.

Not everyone can see the angel. Only those who need to see this angel will see her, and Kato’s stray angel wonders into the lives of others who need a little comforting in their lives. However, before she leaves Kato’s life she makes sure that he isn’t quite so lonely by helping him in his attempts to befriend a pretty girl named Miho.

I picked up this manga hoping that it wasn’t going to turn into what Clamp’s Wish was, and I was very pleased to see that it didn’t. As I was reading I felt my heart get tugged at a little and overall I was pleased with the read. Erica’s art and character style isn’t as bold and beautiful as some of the manga that are released out there. But its simplistic style works for the characters in this story. The characters are not trying to be perfect, they are flawed, real and every one of them is different with the character designs portraying that.

There were times when I was reading this story when I felt that the actions that certain characters took seemed a little odd, but overall I thought this story was a pretty good read. It’s a nice little quick read if you are looking for something to take a break from the long series mangas out there. I recommend it to those who are into reading about characters with real emotional issues.

By Raven

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