Animal Gang

Author: Ichinomiya Shihan
Genre: Yaoi
Status: Manga
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

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Maki’s been having weird dreams lately. It’s of him making out with a very sexy dude named Ryu. However the only “Ryu” that he knows is his pet dog! Naturally Maki is a bit shaken up about this, thinking that he might be loosing control of his reality. He has good reason to be worried his dog likes to eat bananas! I’m not saying anything, I’ll let your sick minds think of it.

One day Maki decides to take Ryu out for walk, and like many dogs Ryu runs away—like many men too. This is where things get interesting, because when Maki checks behind the bushes where Ryu ran he meets a dude just like the ones in his dream. Could it be! Ryu doesn’t believe it, but things just get stranger when the dude says that his name is Ryu. Things only get stranger when the similarities continue. Both Ryu, the dog, and Ryu, the man, likes bananas a lot. Maki doesn’t know what to make of it. Maki begins to get those “feelings” again, and he isn’t even drunk yet.

Things only get worse when Ryu (the person) steps out of the shower and Maki looses it. Eventually the two make out. The only thing is Maki can’t stop asking himself “if Ryu is really a dog, am I a zoophiliac.” It’s not meant to be a funny but I got my share of laughs from that line in the story.

When Maki wakes up the next morning Ryu is there by his side. Only thing is it is Ryu the dog now. Maki is puzzled why Ryu went back into his other form and if he’ll ever be able to go back. You can imagine what goes through his mind when Ryu the person shows up too.

Major Spoiler: Ryu stops by and enlightens Maki to the situation. Both Make and Ryu use to be friends when they were a kid, but Ryu had to leave because of family issues. Maki was heartbroken about his friend leaving and his parents bought him a dog and named him Ryu (to shut him up). Maki gets to relax and not worry about having to appear on some day time TV show.


While I liked the story I really didn’t like the artwork in this. I’ve come across artwork like this already and didn’t like it. I find it’s really plain and boring. There is hardly any detail to anything. It looks amateurish to get my words right. I think a more detail look would have been better, but I’m picky about that sort of stuff.


It was a funny story and I laughed at the end of it. It was funny because you really started to think that the dog somehow transformed into this handsome man to fill that empty side of Maki. It was funny how you got fooled and ended looking like a Smurf for believing such silly things like dog transformation. Still it was really cute.

It really was a cut n’ dry story. What you read is what you got, nothing really special or something that you’ll take away. It was still a decent story that was fun to read but I probably won’t read it again.

The sex scene was so short and because how it was drawn it was very difficult to see where everything was. So I can’t really speak much on that. It was really just a step above shonen-ai, so fans of that genre might like this.
I wasn’t too found of it but if you’re looking for a short read (30-something pages) and got the time you might want to check it out but you won’t miss anything if you don’t.


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