Nice little app that does exactly what it says on the proverbial box, it shows your webstats, be it from Google Analytics, Mint, FeedBurner, Squarespace, Tumblr, Twitter, Ember or Vimeo.
I’m not sure Ego is the most fitting name for the app though, ouch, I have a long way to go to get traffic back to what it once was. But it’s great eyecandy nonetheless, so if you like to track your online stats on your iPhone, this is the app to get.

Friends for iPhone

If I had more friends I’d be jumping for this app, very nicely done. If this works as advertised it’s going to get the top spot in sold apps in a day and stay there for quite some time. Yay for integration apps.

Transformers G1: Awakening

This game is reviewed everywhere as an Advance Wars in Transformers setting. I wonder if any of those people ever actually played Advance Wars.
At first glance yes, it might have similar appearance, but the gameplay mechanics are different. It lacks depth of the aforementioned DS title, but makes up for that by throwing the first generation Transformers into the mix. The game follows the story of the cartoon somewhat, you start off with Bumblebee and more characters get introduced later on. You complete missions by fulfilling the objective, which usually means killing all the Decepticons, or the objective can be skipped entirely by just killing all the Decepticons anyway. Later on in the game you jump through the space gate and end back on Cybertron where the difficulty curve makes a steep incline and the game turns more into a puzzle challenge where you have to think and wonder how the heck you can achieve said objective. Like for example getting to your weapons while you’re fully unarmed and several Decepticons are blocking your way.
Oh, and did I mention this is a port of a generic 2008 cellphone game? Well it is, and it shows, although it is updated for the iPhone a bit interface wise.
So yay or nay? Well, at €0.79 it won’t exactly break the bank one way or the other. For strategy lovers it can be a quick fun blast, but not too recommended. For Transformers fans, especially the ones who think, like me, that the first generation was the best; it’s a blast. Come on, it even has Jetfire (Skyfire in the tv show) turning from bad to good. Get it. ;)


An iPhone app that’s a todo manager that works with rpg elements to motivate you to do your chores.
Sadly, I’m interested.


Dammit. I’m sort of keeping a mental list of reasons I do and I don’t want an iPad. The reasons I don’t are mostly lack of money as well as preferring an iPhone4 to be honest, but other than that I really haven’t seen any killer apps yet. But this is just, for lack of better words, amazing. It can basically slurp your entire network and reading preferences and create an on the fly magazine custom tailored for you. I like. A lot. I also like the interaction options it presents. This redefines lounging. I just hope they’ll add rss later on as well.


I don’t see any use for this app whatsoever. There are better free and paid alternatives available. The interface is a bit weird and as soon as you load a pic some default effects are applied to it that make it hard to get any desired effect you had in mind yourself. You’re better off checking out SnapBox, CameraBag or Photo fx instead of spending $0.99 on PICtone.

Street Fighter 4, on the iPhone?

The best fighting game series on the best phone ever, but how can this ever play well without a pad?
Read more…

WordPress for iPhone 2

And here we are testing the new version 2 of the WordPress for iPhone app. So far so good, it’s a big improvement over the previous version. Who knows, I might even start posting again now. ;)

Maybe. I’ve been thinking about adding some more iPhone related stuff around here and tweaking the layout a bit to make it more phone friendly seeing as that’s my main method of browsing these days.

Hmm, joy, sorry to say but the new iPhone app is still a pain in the ass for me. I saved a draft, added a picture and a lot of text and hit publish and tada, an ugly picture published without adhering to my thumbnail settings and more importantly; all the text from after the first save was gone.
Yeah… I think I’ll stick to ye good olde web backend to write my posts.

iStat for iPhone

Useful? No. Eyecandy? Hell yeah. It just wows people when you show them live stats of how your computers at home are doing. It’d be nice if they added some extra functionality, like being able to kill processes graphically or being able to shutdown or restart your computers, maybe that’s something for future updates. But as is, it’s just a yummy looking statistics app to show off your iPhone and Mac stats.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.