Aruiji No Oose No Mama Ni

Author: Zaou Taishi
Genre: Yaoi
Status: Manga
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

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Preview based on chapter one of Aruji No Oose No Mama Ni


Nanjou is the life and soul of the Student Council’s Office. Thing is he isn’t an actual officer. That belongs to Yuu and Shuu, except Yuu and Shuu don’t really do anything and just rely on Nanjou to do everything. They even used Nanjou to get elected to the office. And whenever he complains that he does all the work Yuu and Shuu scream that they love him.

That’s when Nanjou’s sexy helper, Asouzu, comes with the cup of coffee. For some reason Asouzu is always at Nanjou’s side. So far the only people that seem to notice is Yuu and Shuu, and that’s because their jealous that Asouzu only serves Nanjou.

Eventually Nanjou picks up on it and starts asking Asouzu questions. Exactly why does Asouzu feel so compled to be at Nanjou’s side at all times when it’s usually Nanjou serving others. Well it turns out that Asouzu wants to serve Nanjou in every and anyway that Nanjou sees fit.

Asouzu proves how “committed” he really is to being Nanjou’s servant and says he’ll do whatever Nanjou wants. And that it’s time that Nanjou has someone to serve him instead of him serving others.

That’s as far as I got in the story in chapter 1. And it’s a pretty funny story so far.


It art is really nice. There is a great deal of attention spent on the detail. Zaou went so far as to design the tie’s that the boys are wearing as part of their uniform. You can also see it in the way their jackets are worn and you can see their moments in them. Blah blah sound like I’m ranting huh. Alright some observations of mine…

The story is a balance of comedy and drama it’s done really well. Yuu and Shuu are always seen in a comical way while Nanjou tends to be serious. So you won’t be stuck in a constant stream of drama, you’ll get a chance to laugh too.

Usually I comment when there is something bad to say, but since I can’t really say much I guess that’s a good sign.


So I only have the first chapter of what looks to be a very promissing yaoi manga story. I can tell from what I’ve read so far that it’s going to be funny. It’s definitly I will keep an eye on for further developments. I don’t know what it is about but it’s just funny. It’s probably just Yuu and Shuu as I find myself just laughing whenever there is scene with them in it. The cutest Student Council presidents ever!

Ok besides Yuu and Shuu it’s a really interesting story and I would like to see the ending. The premise of having a sexy servant just makes me interested in the whole damn thing.

Another great thing about the story is that so far it’s a nice balance between sex and story. It could very well be a good story without sex–which we wouldn’t want anyway–but it shows that it has content or at least I think it does. I really what the hype that the story built up in chapter one continues throughout the rest of the story. Either way if you’re strolling scanlation websites and you see this and you want a good laugh go ahead and pick it up. I’m adding this to my “Wish to one day be published” list.

I love Yuu and Shuu! ^_^


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