Awkward Silence

Japanese Title: Bukiyou na Silent

Author: Hinako Takanaga
Genre: Yaoi
Status: One-shot
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+


Satoru Toono is a very shy kid in High School. He’s had a crush like many of us back in our day on a baseball player; however, unlike so many of us his crush asked him out. (Lucky bastard!) He never thought it would happen. His dream boy is Tamiya. And guess what it’s Tamiya that approaches him and asks Satoru if he wants to go out. (Again I say Lucky bastard) Satoru doesn’t know what to make of it. All he can say is “sure I’ll go out with you” while on the inside he’s about to lose his mind.

That’s where Satoru’s issue of expressing his feelings becomes a problem. The thing is he can’t do it. No matter how hard he tries he just can’t be emotional. He always has that stone emotionless face on. But Tamiya doesn’t seem to mind. He seems to be able to read Satoru just fine. And so their relationship begins to a pretty nice start. Satoru is still stone cold as always, while he is just bursting with excitement on the inside.

Things start to get a little grey when the Baseball phone strap that Tamiya bought for Satoru goes missing. Satoru can’t bring himself to tell Tamiya that he lost it, but Tamiya now starts to think that Satoru is avoiding him when he doesn’t talk to him. Really! For a baseball player that Tamiya is an emotional rollercoaster–there is no crying in baseball! Geez!

Eventually though Satoru couldn’t keep his emotions bottled up forever, and he spills everything out. That’s when Satoru finally lets Tamiya know how he really feels; when he shows him the drawings of Tamiya that he (Satoru) made while in watched Tamiya play baseball out the window of the art classroom.

That’s all Tamiya needed to know that Satoru actually really liked him. From then on Tamiya realized that only he would be able to understand Satoru’s real feelings.

Insert sex somewhere there and you’ve got this story in a nutshell.


I was really impressed with the artwork in this. The background looked nice–which is something I’m usually really critical of. The characters look really good, although I thought both Satoru and Tamiya look kind of alike aside from the hair color. They’re like the inverse of each other.
It was so cute because throughout the story Satoru had this dead stare on his face like he doesn’t know where he is.
Everything was good, definitely not an eye sore. The only thing that was sort of a let down was the one sex scene, could have been drawn a bit more specific in the special parts. ^_^


The only real disappointment that I had from this manga was that it was so short. I would’ve liked to see this story stretched into a full manga. It was a really nice cute story. I think it’s because it’s really something we can all relate too. You know not being able to articulate your feelings, except times it by a hundred in Satoru’s case.

The story has its comical moments to help balance out those dramatic ones. But it’s not like “haha” funny as it is just something funny that happens.

I really don’t have any complaints about this. It’s not the best yaoi out there but it is really nice one to have read.


By Cherubim

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