Publisher: Pioneer
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi
Episodes: 6

Story: Bastard!!! Is the tale of Dark Schneider, a powerful wizard released from 15 years of magical imprisonment, and his grudging war against his former evil allies who wish to resurrect the God of Destruction and destroy the world. Because this is exactly what HE intended to do 15 years ago, no way is he going to let anyone else do it! So with the help of his companion and semi-love interest, Tia Note Yoko, and some old friends, he sets out to stop his old armies.

General Outlook: As the title suggests, this isn’t really a show for young audiences. I’d say about 15+ on this one. Between the language, violence, and some scenes that border on hentai (including an oddly near-incestuous affair with his adopted daughter), Bastard!!! Has a lot of more adult themes. It is liberally sprinkled with humour, however, in the form of D.S.’s sarcastic pal Gara, a vanquished reincarnated as a chubby dragon, a vanity-mad vampire, and that’s just getting started. The main four kingdoms are named after heavy metal bands (Meta-Rikana [Metallica], Witos Neiki [Whitesnake], Iron Mayden, and Judas Priest). In the manga, all of D.S.’s attacks were also 80s band names, but in America, Pioneer changed the translation, though some still come across like ‘Poison’). Keep a lookout, because they slipped a lot of metal references in, if you can sift through the Japanese pronunciation. All in all, a generally fun, sometimes psychotic romp through a post-apocalyptic alternate universe.

Music: Not necessarily the best of Bastard!!!’s features. As would be expected by the names, there is a lot of heavy metal influence, with guitars and drum riffs. However, to be totally honest, it isn’t memorable, and fades into the background compared with the animation and story.

The main good guys:
Dark Schneider (aka D.S., or Darsh): Not REALLY a good guy – he kind of walks the fine grey line. Out for himself, and not to mention his obsession with sex and beautiful women, he fits into the title role of the series quite well. He also happens to be 400 years old and immensely powerful. Go figure.
– Rushe: The child vessel of imprisonment that D.S. in consigned to for 15 years, then released from by the kiss of Yoko.
Tia Note Yoko: The virginal yet tomboyish daughter of the high priest of Meta-Rikana, Yoko took care of and was best friends with Rushe through his 15 years of life. Since Rushe loves her, and his soul and Dark Schneider’s are inseperable, Dark Schneider also loves and adores Yoko, and is viciously protective of her.
Ninja Master Gara: Originally at the beginning of the series, Gara is still one of the Four Lords of Havoc, the former generals of Dark Schneider who are now plotting world domination. However, he meets up with Darsh, and they renew their friendship and unite against Abigail.
Thunder Empress Arshes Nei: The adopted daughter of Darsh, this dark-elf packs a punch. Abigail pits her, as one of the Four Lords, against her former father/lover/mentor Darsh.

Main bad guys:
Kall-su: Another Lord of Havoc and adopted son of Darsh, he controls ice and can single-handedly eliminate entire kingdoms.
Abigail: Such a girly name for a main villain. Abigail is the truly evil Lord of Havoc, who is trying to revive the God of Destruction, Ansla-Sax, and gain control of the world.

Princess Sheela: Princess of Meta-Rikana, she falls in love with Darsh, even though he treats her badly.
High Priest Geo: Yoko’s father, the man who imprisoned Darsh inside Rushe.

Plot=7/10 I think the overall plot for the anime was a tad rushed because they had 6 anime episodes versus volumes of manga. However, in that span they did produce a fun series.

Characters=8/10 The main characters, especially Darsh, have some very interesting points to them and developments.

Music=5/10 Not even especially memorable.

Final score= 7/10
Good stuff, very fun. Again I make the point that it should be for at least 14 and up, because there are overt sexual themes in it, and a couple times it borders on ecchi. Other than that, pure fun.

By Kaitou.

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