Artist: Tsutomu Nihei
Genre: Scifi, reality twisting action. Dark neo-punk atmosphere
Full of?: Action, Cyborgs, weird future visions, guns that put really really big wholes in things
What not to like?: Action heavy…so much so that actual lines of speaking are often neglected, and lends to oppresive feel overall. This will make any manga your reading some text heavy.

Maybe in the future.
Maybe on Earth.

With these words, Tsutomu Nihei begins the saga of Blame!
It follows the journey of a strange man, named Killy and his search for a proper net-gene. He searches throughout the world we are introduced to, which is a techno, industrial heavy(sounds like im talking about music) goth type atmosphere. There is an abundance of Silicon life(cyborgs, etc) which seem intent on stopping him, and also just generally killing anything not like them.

Despite the fact that the story seems very silent(like our hero) the pace at which it moves is perfect. And as Killy moves along, we are introduced more and more into this world we find him in.
Is it a reflection of our own far distant future. Where it seems shell, and layer upon layer of industry, and such is worked on, into the infinite recesses of space.

In any case, the manga has some superb eye for detail. As the industrial landscapes, and towering beyond imagination layers are testament to.
The characters all have a very distinct feel to them, and the silicon life, seems very very dark and cold, often being some of the creepiest stuff ive ever seen.
There is a plentiful amount of gore at times, as the violence is hard to escape in such a harsh world. The cyborgs are ruthless as well, so violence is the only way to answer them. Everything seems to bleed, either oil or blood, and death’s are often not pretty.


Killy is the protagonist in this futuristic manga.(though he doesnt really wear red, this coloring is just…i dont know colored). He is a mysterious man, strong and resilent with his weapon which is a mystery unto itself. And far too powerful for a normal person to weild.

Similar tastes:
The Matrix, Techno-goth stuff, just weirdness in general.

Where can i get it?: No where. It is currently unlicensed, and only in scanslation format. Use a suitable search engine such as to find it and similar tastes.

By Darknight ZO

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