Calling for Clear Skies

Author: Takashima Kazusa
Genre: Light Shonen-ai
Status: Doujinshi of Houshin Engi
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 16+

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Youzen and Taikoubou are best of friends and they are traveling together; however Youzen wants something more in terms of their relationship, a deeper connection with Taikoubou–a boyfriend perhaps. Youzen doesn’t know how to approach him about though. He curses himself for being born a boy and not a girl. It would have made things much less confusing.

But Taikoubou can sense what’s up and says that willing to die for someone else makes loving a man seem like a walk in the park. That’s enough for Youzen; he knows that he doesn’t to worry about that. Taikoubou will always be by his side no matter what. There more than friends but they don’t need to say and they’ll still know that “it” is there.

You know it might seem like a really short review but anymore and I would spoil everything. Hell! I already did by just that. It isn’t really so much content focus as it is cute. ^_^


The stereotype that anime and manga characters all have huge bug like eyes can call this manga “exhibit A”. The characters eyes are freakin huge! But one thing that I have to admit is that they are drawn very nicely, and have the most amount of detail of anything else. Other than that it’s very cute artwork and it’s very pretty. The characters look very slim, probably because they are young but still could have added a bit more meat on their bones. (haha) Takashima said in her opening letter that she wanted the manga to be very serious, and to a certain degree the story is, but the characters are just so adorable. The background is okay, kind of plain but you will be focusing on the characters and hardly noticing that.


So I download this manga. Open up the folder and what do I see, a letter from the author “there won’t be any sex in this story…sorry”. Apparently the author, Takashima Kazusa, felt a little guilty making yaoi manga. So she decided to change things up a bit by writing a serious story with no sexual content what-so-ever. Bummer! It really is the kind of stuff you have to look out for. Sneaky mangakas and their deceptive front covers.

One thing I didn’t like was that there wasn’t any introduction of the characters so you had to be familiar with the general story of the series to know what was going on without being confused, but I guess that’s the risk you take with doujinshi(s).

But I decided, against my better judgment, what the hell! So I read the story, it was only a couple of pages and the artwork was really cute. It turned out not too bad. It is a nice cute shonen-ai in the ocean of my yaoi folder on my desktop. It’s a doujinshi of a series I’m not familiar with, Houshin Engi, if I got it correctly, so I don’t know much about the characters’ actual personalities.

It was really short and I had sort of gotten into the story, and the next thing you know it was over. Either way it being such a light shonen-ai it kind of puts me off. Whatever chemistry is there it is so ambiguous you’re like “Oh my God just make out already.” But the author wanted to stay away from sex so I guess I have to deal.

It’s really targeted towards shonen-ai fans that don’t really like sex or make out scenes and just like the romance. If you are a yaoi fan and you’re familiar with this mangaka’s naughty work be forwarned THERE IS NO SEX in this. With that said I give this the “Decent” stamp, for it’s cute innocence romance and cute adorable couple.


By Cherubim

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