Alternative Title: Card Captor Sakura

Kazunori Mizuno
Mamoru Kanbe
Shigehito Takayanagi

Original Story: CLAMP
Producer: Eizo Kondo
Art Director: Katsufumi Haniu
Episodes: 70
Genre: Adventure/ Fantasy
Age: All

Series Review:
Sakura Avalon was simple 4th grader doing well in school, and hanging out with friends. However, Sakura’s life changes one day when she comes across a rather odd book in the library. Little does Sakura know that she is about to take on the adventure of a life time…

Many years ago a powerful sorcerer, by the name of Clow Reed, created a deck of torah cards with unimaginable power. He instructed two mystical creatures with the power to select a new master of his cards, which he calls the Clow Cards, when he passed away. The first beast, Keroberos has selected Sakura Avalon as the new master; while the second beast will test Sakura, before she takes over as the cards’ new master.

When Sakura opens the Clow Book the cards immediately scatter across the land–luckily all of which are in walking distance. Sakura is going to have to prove her worth by capturing each Clow Card. It won’t be easy. Each card posses amazing powers and without a master for them to follow they follow their own convictions, which don’t look good for those around her.

Sakura won’t have to do it all on her own, her best friend Madison will be there to help along the way, so will Kero–the portal able version of Keroberos. Along the way Sakura will meet new allies and foes; and discover new things about her and the powers she possesses with in.

Characters: *Note: English/Japanese*

Sakura Avalon/ Sakura Kinomoto

A regular 4th that was chosen to become to the new master of the Clow cards, with her new role Sakura will take on responsibly most 4th don’t have to. (Duh!) Sakura has a strong will for her age she is kind, and doesn’t want to see want to see anyone get hurt–which hard since she’s dealing with powerful cards. She is some what of a push over though and is often told that she isn’t strong enough or the right person for the job. Sakura however passes through the criticism, although it isn’t always easy. She is on her way to become the new master of the Clow Cards and she’s learning how to use them each and everything day. Sakura is going to have to find a way to balance her school life with her new responsibility.

Tori Avalon/ Touya Kinomoto
Sakura’s older brother, Tori is very responsible and takes good care of Sakura, she looks up to him a lot. Tori has the power to see spirits, so he knows something is up with Sakura, even though she tries her best to hide it. Tori won’t let anything bad happen to Sakura and is quite the big bro.

Aiden Avalon/ Fujitaka Kinomoto
Sakura and Tori’s father, he’s a single parent, but he tries to make the house a very warm and loving place for Sakura and Tori. He does work late so most of the chores on her Sakura on Tori’s hands, but when ever he’s home he’s the best father both of them could ask for. Unlike his children Aiden doesn’t seem to have any spiritual powers.

Natasha Avalon/ Nadeshiko Kinomoto
Sakura and Tori’s mother that past a few years back. She still communicates with both of them through her spirit. She apparently has some kind of special power that she past on to her children.

Julian Star/ Yukito Tsukishiro
Tori’s best friend, and also Sakura. Julian is at the Avalon house quite often, not much is know about his personal life besides his friendship with Tori. Julian has some blackouts from time to time, he doesn’t know why, but Julian isn’t an average high school student he happens to be Yue, but he doesn’t know that. Shhhhhhhh

YueReed/ Yue Reed
The second judge of the Clow cards, it’s Yue’s job to test the potential new Clow master. At first he doesn’t think Kero made the right choice when he chose Sakura, but he does test her and she passes. Yue has a close connection to his original master Clow Reed and doesn’t think anyone is big enough to fill his shoes. After the test he becomes Sakura’s bodyguard and is sworn to protect her. Now Yue takes the form of Julian when he isn’t protecting Sakura; Julian doesn’t seem to know that he is in fact Yue, or does he? ^^

Kero/ Keroberos

You’ve got to love the little guy. Kero is the first guardian of the Clow Cards and he chose Sakura to be the new master of the cards. Although most of the day he’s playing video games, he’ll help Sakura however he can. He’s very sensitive about his small size and being taken likely. Besides his cute cuddly form, Kero also has the form of a mighty beast. The same beast seen on the cover of the Clow Book, in this form he is known as Keroberos.

Clow Reed/ Clow Reed

Creator of the Clow Cards, Clow Reed is power sorcerer that seems to know everything. He created Yue and Kero has guardians of the Clow Book, each of them would play a part in choosing who would be the new Master of the Clow Cards when he past away. From time to time Clow Reed will offer Sakura some helpful comments on becoming the new Clow Master.

Eli Moon/ Eriol Hiiragizawa
Unknown to Yue and Kero, Clow Reed had one final test in store for the new Clow Master, a final test for Sakura. Eli Moon is a transfer student from England that is actually the incarnation of Clow Reed, he came to give Sakura the final test and make sure that Kero made the right decision and chose the right person.

Li Showron/ Syaoran Li
A descendant of Clow Reed. Li’s family has been connected to the Clow cards for a long time. It’s now Li’s turn. Despite being a kid Li is very knows a lot about the Clow cards, and knows many spells and incantations that help him. You could say he’s Sakura’s rival and partner. Li too captures Clow cards and often takes cards that Sakura had her eyes on, but he also gives Sakura helpful hints on what to do in a difficult situation.

Layla Mackenzie/ Kaho Mizuki
The new math teacher in Sakura’s class, Ms. Mackenzie is very mysterious. She knows about the Clow Cards and has some magical abilities of her own. She gives Sakura tips on how to solve the algebra problem and how to get through a endless maze. What are her real intentions is still a mystery.

Madison Taylor/ Tomoyo Daidouji
Sakura’s best friend, Madison makes most of Sakura’s costumes, and she’s always there taping what ever card Sakura is after on her videotape recorder. Besides Li and Meilen Madison is the only person in Sakura’s class that knows Sakura’s little secret. Madison is Sakura right hand lady she’s always giving Sakura helpful words when Sakura needs them.

Meilen Rae/ Meiling Li
Meilen came from Li’s home. Meilen has a crush a Li, but fears the fact that because she doesn’t have any powers like Sakura she’ll be ignored by Li. She’s always putting down Sakura, because she’s jealous of her. Meilen doesn’t want anyone coming in-between her and Li.

Story 8.0/9.0
Characters 8.0/9.0
Music 7.5/9.0
Animation 7.5/9.0

Although this series is aimed towards younger fans older fans would like it too. The animation isn’t grand, but it fits the mood that the show wants to present very well. The characters are very in-dept for G rated anime series. I especially liked the whole mystery aspect in this series. Nothing is ever clear and even till the end there are surprises. The characters were really good, because each of them seemed to have something deeper to them whether it is a special power or another form. There is much dept to this series, but it’s comes across in a very child-like manner. Cardcaptors might be underestimated because of the way it looks, but once you get through the first season the story and characters get much more in-dept. It may not be anime gold, but it’s definitely an enjoyable series to watch.

By Cherubim

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