Chobits Manga
genre: sci-fi/fantasy
story: 9/10
art: 10/10
– Serialised in Young Magazine (part of Kodansha)
– Series complete: 8 books
– Licensed by Tokyopop
STORY: In the what now does not seem so far away future, computers have taken shapes of humans and are now known as persocoms. Not only can they be programmed to do everything from acting in internet porn to calculating receipts to standard computer functions such as sending email, it seems that they’re also physically perfect.

Not unsimilar to Love Hina, the protagonist of Chobits is a ronin. Hideki Motosuwa, a country boy, goes to the city to attend cram school so that he might get into college next year. When he arrives, he find that everyone who’s anyone, really, has a persocom. However, Hideki, being a poor run down student, could probably never get one. Except that he does find a persocom in Chii, an amazingly cute persocom that he finds lying in a trash pile. Chii’s a little strange, though. For one, she doesn’t have an operating system and technically, shouldn’t be working at all. Secondly, she seems to have a past of her own, along with strange abilites that no other persocoms have including what seems to be the ability to fall in love.

Chobits gets a lot more in depth than just the initial outline of “boy finds robotic girl”. For one, CLAMP gets very philosophical, but still charming, about just how thin those lines between human and computer really are, especially if they are humanoid. Then there are the 4 or so more stories surrounding supporting characters. Each story is very well planned around the initial “boy + robot = ?” idea. Every story except for Chii and Hideki’s. The main plot is predictable and it takes too long at that. Luckily, the other stories are enough to keep the attention of the reader through all of Hideki’s repetitive musings about Chii. CLAMP’s hidden philosophy discussion, however, when not being warbled by Tokyopop’s hideous circular translation, is quite intriguing.

Chobits is a more mature series. There are lots of slightly to blatant sexual drawings and references, as well as plenty of fanservice. Young’s Magazine tends to be rather smutty anyway. There’s no doubt much of the language and more philosophical aspects of the series would fly right over some younger readers’ heads. Recommended for 16+.

CHARACTERS: (there are quite a large number of supporting characters and I can’t really place precedence on any over the other so I shall just introduce the very main characters.)

– Hideki Motosuwa: A country boy ronin who moves to the city where his life is changed forever not just by all the beautiful women in his life, but also Chii, the persocom he finds. He’s a very nice guy (Indeed the supporting characters are forever telling him this.) who does not hesitate to give a hand to those he cares about. Has a bad habit of talking out loud and is a pervert at heart, but is probably only so because he can’t seem to get any women, as nice as he is (CLAMP playing on the “nice guys finish last” line? Maybe.)

– Chii: The beautiful and mysterious persocom that seems to be a lot more than she lets on. Chii doesn’t really have much of a personality since it’s all programmed, but she’s very sweet, curious, and annoying in the beginning (through the whole series, actually) because she’s always asking annoying questions. Maybe it’s the wording of the translations, though. She’s not a girl who would stand up for herself, but is really rather powerful. Can’t say too much about her without giving stuff away, though, so I’ll stop here.

ART: There is no getting over the fact that CLAMP’s art (Mick Nekoi, really) is absolutely stunning an perfect no matter if it’s the ribbon-like shoujo figures and hair or the technical scifi drawings – even those are lyrical and breathtaking. The layouts are excellent and they keep the story flow running smoothly. The only one tiny complaint I have is the over-usage of airbrushing in book 7 when Chitose tells her story. Things get a little confusing there. Nekoi also has a little too much fun, I think sometimes, drawing Chii’s outfits. They’re EXTREME, but by no means in a bad way. Otherwise, the entire series is just gorgeous defined and no less.

PERSONAL THOUGHTS (SPOILER-IFIC): Chobits is undoubtedly very addicting. CLAMP’s formats are very well done and the cliffhangers are well placed. I couldn’t help hating all of Chii’s wide-eyed innocence stuff though. That annoyed me to no end. However, I found myself falling in love with the freakishly cute Sumomo and the love story between Shimbo and Shimizu-sensei as well as Hibiya-san. She’s so damned cool. Of all the CLAMP crossovers so far, I appreciated this one as a crossover more than other ones probably because it’s not so much reusing characters like they do with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles as just setting it in the same world, though honestly, I thought the whole crossover thing was stupid at first. However, I began finding it easier as I went along to accept that Angelic Layer and Chobits existed in the same world with characters in relation with the relations of Angelic Layer characters (BUT ICHIRO DEAD? HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO US?!) . CLAMP’s quite creative in the re-using of their own work.Oh, and Zima’s hot. Gotta give that to him…

I get the feeling that Chobits is overrated a lot. Sure, it’s a sweet, happy ending series that is increasingly pretty (in both artwork and story), but I don’t see anything too new. I know this “boy falls for robot/robot falls for boy” thing has been used somewhere before and give me the time and I’ll remember where. It’s good, but to me, it was nothing special.

TOKYOPOP EDITION ADDITIONS: This was the first series published by Tokyopop (it was licensed rather early on as is) where the editing was extremely noticeable. Not only was a great deal of the language softened to probably avoid scathing letters from conservatives (For example, I have 2 different prints of the first book in English. In the one published earlier, in this scene where Hideki is presumably masturbating, he says “what was I thinking eating beans in the morning?” and dialogue continues one the “bean” line. In the one published later – I don’t know exactly how much later – Hideki is saying “Must…keep..quiet.” with dialogue following on that point.), but it is manipulated to a point of unavoidable confusion. The translations of the “City Without People” books are so repetitive, vague, and head splittingly circular that it takes at least three reads before anything really sinks in. Most of it floats right over the head. It probably sounds better in Japanese. And probably makes more sense. A lot of the ‘shounen-based’ humour is lost with the replacement translations of the more perverted lines. Much of the humour just goes right out the window too, and with it a little bit of Chobits essence is lost as well. Poor thing.

By kiyo-chan


Publisher: Clamp, Pioneer
Genre: Comedy, Soap (Drama, Romance)
Length: 25 min. per episode
Parental Advisory: Suggestive scenes and language

Chobits is the story of a shy and bit ignorant country ronin, Motosuwa Hideki, who goes to Tokyo to attend a college prep school.
There he encounters many androids, which mostly look like cute humans except their ears, known as Persocons.
Walking personal computers, which preforms computer tasks to many other mundane tasks.
They come in all sizes and shapes and are incredibly expensive and usefull.

Hideki, whom talks to himself out loud a lot, since his only friends were the farm animals, wants all these kinds of luxuries. E-mail and most importantly surf every erotic site on the internet! :B

One night, as he is walking home, he finds an abandoned one lying in a trash pile and decides to take her home.
He names her Chii, cause it appears that is the only word she could say, which is also kinda cute.
She doesn’t appear to have any data or OS and since he is poor, he slowly begins to teach her things.

Apparantly the Persocon he found might be special and may actually be one of the legendary Chobits.
A custom made persocon that is able to feel and has a free will, while appearing not having any data.
To be human, but also not really a human, while having a free will is just a dream or is it?

General Outlook:
Chobits’ primary theme is love and relationships.
More also about human/computer (or different than humans) relations.
It is more insightfull than the standard: can bots feel?
It’s also how one should be and about their prejudices.

The series starts off as a comedy and seems to be quite perverted and provoking.
With many raunchy, humourous, emberassing and emotional moments and much cuteness.
It seems to become a “harem” when several ladies are introduced whom are seemingly interested in Hideki or whom
he thinks he is attracted to and forms relations.
Which makes way for hilarious moments with shy, clumsy, daydreamy and ignorent Hideki.

As the story expands it gets a more serious feel and a bit different humor.
But when it does get serious for a while, you can expect some funny and or cute moments, mostly with Sumomo! (b^_^)b

And while Hideki’s relations evolve, the ones around him evolves too.
Which is quite nice, cause they have an interesting story and personality that is nicely interwoven with his problems and views.

Slowly the underlying plot is revealed bit by bit, which accelerates and concludes in the latter parts.

It’s CLAMP, liked and loathed. (Like many things :B)

Colourings, if you’ve only seen the black and white manga first, one might not concur with some choice of colours on the characters and etc.
Still it’s done quite nicely, to me.

The animation is quite gorgeous and kawaii.
Quite nice amount of bishounen and funny cliché expressions.
Nice traditionalism and drawn a bit more softer and simpler.
And the nicely detailed backgrounds which gives in overall a fittingly more real feel.

Sound and Music:
The opening song “Let Me Be With You” is quite catchy, when you’re also in a hyper happy mood that is.
Which is cute, but might get annoying if your in a certain mood or have been watching to many times, no? :B
Which ofcourse goes for many things.
And with the osts many Chii’s chii-ing and small talks Smile

Since many soundtracks are used for the same kinds of situations and it is “only” 26 episodes, there aren’t a lot of music. (30 some)
So throughtout you will hear many familiar ones again, which kinda emphasizes the general feel of the series.
Each track is really made to fit with the situation, the feel, the emotion.
Sadness, mystery, fear, emberassment, happiness, cheeriness, you name it Smile

Piano, techno-ish, big brashiness, countryness, jazzyness, just about all kinds.
A small collection with a mix of everything, which clasps almost every feel/emotion.
All in all very good and fittingly. Good to have with or without the anime. (Chii!)

Standard cliché characters, mystery foes, many helpfull people, clumsy guy and a very cuteness girlbot.
Much development and past has still been showed/revealed, despite “only” 26 episodes.


Birthday : Unknown
Height : 152cm
Details: The cuteness mysterious persocon

Motosuwa Hideki

Birthday : September 03
Height : 171cm
Details: The unaware, shy and poor protagonist student

Hiromu Shinbo

Birthday : December 22
Height : 175cm
Details: A helpfull neighbour and fellowstudent

Birthday : January 01
Height : 16cm
Details: The little hyper persocon of Shinbo

Hibiya Chitose

Birthday : September 24
Height : 165cm
Details: The friendly and helpful landlady

Kokubunji Minoru

Birthday : January 25
Height : 145cm
Details: Seventh-grader who’s a genius at persocons


Birthday : December 25
Height : 160cm
Details: Yuzuki is a custom-built persocon made by Kokubunji Minoru, with an important and close personality.

Oumura Yumi

Birthday : May 20
Height : 150cm
Details: Student, part-time waitress at Saloon Be Delighted/Yorokonde and daughter of the patron there.

Shimizi Takoko

Birthday : July 28
Height : 167cm
Details: Humorous prep-school Teacher

Yasuhiro Ueda

Birthday : July 20
Height : 190cm
Details: Baker and owner of the store Chirouru


Details: Atashi (which means ‘I’) is the main character in the picture book series A Town of No One.

There is also a darker Atashi.

***Unrevealed for major spoilers***

Black Chii

Birthday : Unknown
Height : 152cm
Details: ***#***

Kojima Yoshiyuki

Birthday : June 18
Height : 180cm
Details: ***#***


Birthday : March 03
Height : 16cm
Details: ***#***


Birthday : Unknown
Height : 190cm
Details: ***#***


Birthday : Unknown
Height : 150cm
Details: ***#***

Hibiya Icchan
Details: ***#***

Kokubunji Kaede
Details: ***#***

Tome Yumi
Details: ***#***

***If you need to know their details or a more elaborate detail, you could pm, mail me or find on the web***
And more about the others ditto, whether it be pics request or using them.

Recommendable for CLAMP or shoujo fans in general.
An appealing storyline and lovable cute characters.
The story is all about clichés and re-doing them a bit mockingly.
Ofcourse these days just about everything has been done.
And still they gave a nice transition in the story which also comes at you with a bang!

It might have been short or a sudden fast conclusion, but how long can one stretch things and or what more
could Chii learn which will also have these kinds of humorous situations?

It was something positive and a bit more mind opening for things, thoughtprovokings :B
Like questioning you’re view about some things or what one already knows, but never gave it much
thought or action.

And since some just crave grades:
And I hardly give 9 or 10 lately :p
Story: 7/10
Characters: 8/10
Animation: 8/10
Sound & Music: 7/10

So try grab a few and watch it, maybe you’ll like it Smile

Personal thoughts and Spoilers:
Boy meets android girl has been done to death, despite that it was entertaining and mucho cuteness.
Can an artificial lifeform have feelings/emotions?
But what else can one wonder about artificial life forms?
What else would artificial life forms explore? All other data they can easily pile up.
And ofcourse questions about love and relationships, what is love, what can you love?

There was also a few episodes where they went online to play in a virtual world Brave Quest.
(á la Everquest. Serial Experiments Lain or .hack// anyone?)

Mostly Hideki searching for Chii, since she’s somewhat a supercomputer,
she would be an acting server and can jump to every place?

There are alse wing like scenes or portraying Chii with them.
You might find it, oh no not wings again.
But you could also see, the grace, cuteness, angelicness, something a bit out of reach, earthly and heavenly, something a bit above but still not.

Hideki seems a lot more clumsy and @_@x oro in the anime, but funny Smile
(Might be irritating for some, don’t watch it soo much :p)
Sumomo and co looked really kawaii on the beach with their suits :B

Funny stuff, heartwarming and a stunning ending.

Doesn’t those ears make them look like cat person or other animals? :B
Hmmm persocons, I would really like a small Kotoko(gotto love it’s bitchyness)/Sumomo or the dog pet one in the police station.

On a side note;
There seems to be a lot of reviews, where people only saw like one or a few beginning episodes.
Which gives a rather narrow and wrong view.
And like, not every friendly girl/woman is a person that hits on you.
And Chii might be something constructed, but that’s what the story about.
Is loving something else then a human ok, possible or acceptable?

01 ) Chii Awakens
02 ) Chii Goes Out
03 ) Chii Remembers
04 ) Chii Goes Shopping
05 ) Chii Finds
06 ) Chii Becomes Weak
07 ) Chii Works
08 ) Chii Is Perplexed
09 ) Shinbo and Sumomo Talk
10 ) Chii Buys
11 ) Chii Meets
12 ) Chii Ascertains
13 ) Chii Plays
14 ) Chii Goes To the Ocean
15 ) Chii Entertains
16 ) Chii doesn’t do anything
17 ) Chii Manages
18 ) Minoru and Yuzuki Talk
19 ) Chii Assists
20 ) Chii Disappears
21 ) Chii Waits
22 ) Chii Hopes
23 ) Chii Answers
24 ) Chii Changes Clothes
25 ) Chii Decides
26 ) The Final Episode


Story: Ohkawa Nanase

Artist: Apapa Mokona

Production coördinator: Igarashi Satsuki

Editor & chibi people: Nekoi Mick

Series Director: Morio Asaka
Character Designer: Hisashi Abe
Animator: Hisashi Abe
Music: Keitaro Takanami
Sound: Masafumi Mima

Voice Acting Cast;
Motosuwa Hideki: Sugita Tomokazu
Chii/Black Chii: Tanaka Rie
Shinbo Hiromu: Seki Tomokazu
Shimizu Takako: Yuzuki Ryouka
Sumomo: Kumai Motoko
Hibiya Chitose: Inoue Kikuko
Minoru Kokubunji: Kuwashima Houko
Yuzuki: Orikasa Fumiko
Yumi Omura: Toyoguchi Megumi
Dita: Yuka Tokumitsi
Zima: Isshin Chiba
Kotoko: Yukana Nogami
Kojima Yoshiyuki: Junichi Suwabe
Hiroyasu Ueda: Yuuyi Ueda

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