Chrono Crusade

I saw this anime a few months ago fansub so it might be a tweet bit different from what ADV is releasing now; however if the differences are so different I’ll change them later, although I don’t think they will be.

Director: Yuu Kou
Original Creator: Hiroyuki Kanba (Manga)
Art Director: Toshiro Nozaki
Character Design: Kazya Kuroda
First Aired: November 24, 2004 (Fuji TV)
Episode: 24
Genre: Adventure/ Action/ Comedy
Age: 16+

Additional Notes

  • Currently being released by ADV Films on DVD. “Go out and buy it now.”
  • There’s bit of mix up with the name Chrono, some use Chrno and some use Chrono. I believe ADV Films started the “Chrono”, either way both are acceptable, as long as we know what you’re talking about.

Series Review:

The Magdalon Order, a monastery in New York in the year 1928, has a small problem, that problem is Sister Rosette Christopher. Sister Rosette is a nun, and exorcist, at the monastery. She has made a contract with a demon known has Chrono the Sinner. They receive information of demon citings and go to work protecting the innocent.

While exorcising demons is fun n’ all Rosette has something more important on her mind, she’s looking for her older brother, Joshua, that disappeared years ago. Even though Sister Kate has forbid her from searching for him, Rosette can’t get him off her mind. Thanks to the power of suggestion by Father Remington Rosette has joined the militia, which is good because she tends to like blowing things up. As a member of the militia Rosette has the authority to go on her own missions, naturally she brings Chrono along.

Rosette and Chrono make a good team together, but it comes with heavy price. As Chrono’s contractor Rosette holds all of his power in a seal; however, whenever Rosette releases the seal it eats away part of her soul. Even though she is so young she has already made a life altering decision. That’s not on her mind now; right now all Rosette wants to do is get her brother back.

Together Rosette and Chrono set out to find Joshua. They team up with a powerful jewel summoner that has a hatred for demons named Stalella Harvenheit. And a young girl that posses powers to heal those that are wounded named Azumaria Hendric.

Little does Rosette and Chrono know that lurking in the shadows is a powerful demon that plans on using all them to fulfill his plans of being free from Pandemonium once and for all.

The demons have risen from Hell and are taking root here on earth, will God save humanity or will he leave the earth fall into total Chaos?


Sister Rosette Christopher
Raised in an orphanage with her brother Joshua, Rosette has always had a problem with her temper.
Joshua was always sick and began to feel like a bother to his sister so he felt, but Rosette couldn’t live without him so she deciding to go and find him and bring him back. Rosette is only focused on bringing back her brother; however, little does she know that she in fact plays a major role in Aion’s plans; Rosette happens to be the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene, who many years ago fell in love with Chrno and was killed by Aion. Rosette seems to be caught in a web of things even she does understand all she ever wanted was to save her brother. Still as nun she is short tempered, good with gun and is often arguing with Chrono, although she has hidden feelings for him.

Chrono (or Chrno)
Despite his cute face, Chrno is powerful demon, who once was part of Aion’s group of demons trying to attain freedom from Pandemonium. Chrno and Aion were once good friends, but became enemies when Aion murdered Mary Magdalene after Chrno failed to do so, since he had feelings for her. Chrno made a contract with Rosette and had a hard time earning the trust of the others at the monastery, every one eventually comes around to accepting him when it became obvious that Rosette trusted him, and maybe even had feelings for him. Chrno has given up on his original dream of attaining freedom, and begins to develop feelings for Rosette. He has gotten weaker wince the seal has been placed on him, but is still a powerful demon; the same demon that once killed a thousand of his fellow demons, a demon known as Chrono the Sinner—how could such a cute face be so bad. When he isn’t in his demon form Chrno is usually at the end of Rosette loud mouth; he doesn’t really want to harm anyone, but won’t allow his friends to get hurt either.
If there is anyone you would want to be afraid of it’s Rosette, Chrno learned that lesson oh to well. Rosette is careful about releasing the seal as the fear of Chrno going out of control and harming innocent people is far too great.

Azumaria Hendric

She comes from a European family, her parents were killed in the war (WWI, then called the great war) and she was adopted by Ricardo Hendric, a man known for buying satanic relics on the black-market. Azumaria isn’t like ordinary girls she happens to be one of the 7 apostles; her powers, to her, seem to bring sadness wherever she goes.
Ricardo Hendric has adopted Azumaria because of her powers that he wants to use for his own reasons. Azumaria was rescued by Rosette and Chrno and was taken in my the Magdalon Order; she remains a shy girl and keeps to herself, although she opens up along the series and becomes close friends of Rosette and Chrno. However, Azumaria life will not be a peaceful one; the fact that she is an apostle makes her a target for Aion and part of his plan to attain freedom.

Stalella Harvenheit

Stalella’s family was murdered by a demon with no horns, since then she has made it her mission in life to find that demon and kill him. She is very wealthy and is usually in the company of her butler, despite her strong exterior she is very fragile on the inside.
Stalella is a powerful jewel summoner: a person that uses special jewels that they turn into weapons, sort of like an Alchemist fused with a sorcerer—it’s the best way I can describe it—which comes in handy when Rosette and Chrono can’t do it alone.
Stalella makes fun of Rosette every chance she gets and flirts with Chrono just to annoy her. Stalella admires Rosette though, both of them are searching for lost loved ones, and Stalella admire Rosette determination to find her bother. Stalella is still looking for her younger sister who she believes is still alive. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Stalella has really big boobs. ^^

Sister Kate Valentine
Responsible for the New York branch of the Magdalon monastery. Sister Kate has her hands full when dealing with Rosette, and is often on the edge of going crazy, especially when Rosette nearly takes the entire monastery down. But still, Sister Kate at first worried about Rosette’s safety about having the contract with Chrono. She wasn’t was very open to the idea at first, but eventually came around to accepting that when she realized Rosette and Chrono cared for each other a marriage between Heaven and Hell I say. Sister Kate runs the order pretty efficiently although every once in while Rosette makes her go crazy.

Ewan Remington
He is the one that brought Chrono and Rosette to the Order in New York. Ewan is quite the mysterious fellow, but he’s very likeable. He keeps on eye on Rosette at the Order because he knows she can be a hand full. Ewan was in love with Magdalene many years ago–how old is this guy–and wants to see the person that killed by for it. “Not very Christian Ewan Tit Tit”

Edward Hamilton (Elder)

When Elder isn’t making new bullets for Rosette and the rest of the Order he’s usually placing his head in-between some of the young nuns breasts. Yep! Elder is a pervert and he isn’t shame of it, but besides that he’s great at what he does. He’s responsible for most of the weaponry used by the Magdalon monastery for exorcisms. He’s a smart man with a perverted mind, Rosette is always on the look out to see where Elder might be hiding getting ready to feel her bosom.

Joshua Christopher
Rosette’s big brother, Joshua is one of the apostles like Azumaria; he too has had a hard life, his powers always made him sick. Aion approached him one day and made him an offer which he accepted; Joshua placed Chrono’s horns on his head which immediately made him go insane. Joshua is longing to find his sister, but is tormented by the demonic power of Chrono’s horns. Joshua believes Fiore to be his sister and did not recognize Rosette until after Chrono horns had been removed.

Fiore is an interesting character; she believes she is Joshua’s sister and she protects him as best as she could—Joshua, until the horns were removed believed she was too—she is willing to die to protect him, her entire universe is centered around him. However, she is not his sister, but she is the exact same imagine of Stalella’s older sister. Aion is pulling the strings and is the only that knows what is going on. Joshua and Fiore believe themselves to be brother and sister; Rosette is Joshua’s only sister and Stalella believes Fiore to be her lost sister. Unfortunately Fiore does not recognize Stalella. Fiore seems to be part of Aion’s plan, except she doesn’t know. Fiore has been Joshua’s ‘sister’ since he came with Aion, and has been the only sister Joshua knows since he placed the horns on his head. All she wants to do is protect Joshua, but what will happen when Joshua realizes she is not his sister.

Aion (and the Sinners)

Aion’s story in a truly interesting one, he wants to attain true freedom and decided to rebel against Pandemonium (a.k.a Hell). He stole Pandemonium’s head: the queen of Hell’s head. He has constructed an ingenious plan on how to attain freedom from Hell’s boundaries—apparently even though kicked out of heaven they still have to follow God’s rule towards them—Aion, and Chrono at one time, decided they wanted to be attain true freedom. Aion and the rest of the demons that followed him towards earth plan on using the apostles as a way to attain that true freedom. Aion was betrayed by Chrono when he refused to kill Mary Magdalene, he still however considers Chrono an ally: both wanted the same thing. Aion is smart and is usually a few steps ahead of everyone else. He does care about his fellow sinners, but won’t that get in the way of dream of freedom.

A powerful demon that has a grudge to settle with Aion. Duffou firmly believes that the demons belong in Pandemonium, not because of a punishment but rather that there is where they belong. Duffou and his group, known as the pursuers, are on Aion’s trail trying to restore order in Pandemonium. He teams up with Rosette only to stop Aion from carrying out his plans.

Story 8.5/9.0
Characters 8.5/9.0
Music 9.0/9.0
Animation 9.0/9.0


There’s definitely a lot of religious references in this anime, but doesn’t hurt the overall story, which is a romantic one at heart. The anime can be serious at times and at other times it’s just one laugh after another. I’ve never so many big breasted nuns in my life. o_O
It’s definitely a funny series to watch. The story does take a while to develop; however, even before the main plot picks up it’s still entertaining to watch. At the beginning of the series though I didn’t expect it to take such shift from I thought was going to be, it was much better. The battle scenes were good, especially with all the blood and gore
The animation and music were very well done and I must say I’m pleased. I love the ending theme song its so good.
I never got to hear the English voices, but I hope that there good and fit the characters well. I’d be pissed as hell if the screwed it up, and took out all the good bloody parts. >.<
Anyway, I must say if you’re in the mood for a good adventure/ comedy anime, and have fetish for women with big breasts in nun outfits, Chrono Crusade is your anime—even if you don’t like the sexy nun fetish. Everything is pretty well done and it will keep you entertained for a good while. The anime doesn’t tend to have many fillers so you won’t be wasting precious time. Definitely worth it.

By Cherubim.

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