Couple vol. 1

Author: Jae Sung Pak
Art: Sung Jae Park
Published by: CPM Manga
Release Date: June 2004
Genre: Comedy
Age: 16up

Young Ho just got back from his mandatory service in the Korean army, and he’s eagar to get back the college life: babes, parties, and maybe studying. He friend hooked him with what he said “a steal” and really close to his university. What was suppose to be a rooming villa with a goregous view is actually a building that is about to collapse, and Young Ho’s view is a cemetary. And with the ugliest and meaniest land lady Young Ho isn’t going to be taken advice from his friend again. He meets his neighbor a fellow student; however, a first year that took five years to get accepted. As he leaves his crummy apartment he bumps into the monster from the blue lagoon, and by that I mean his Land Lady, and a girl about Ho’s age. Apparently the girl lost her deposit and the Land lady doesn’t seem to have an understanding side. The girl is kicked out and sits outside on ground. Ho doesn’t want to get involved and passes her, believing she’ll figure something out.
When he returned from his trips he sees the girl still outside in the bitter cold. Not to be a heartless bastard Ho leaves a lunch box for the girl and leaves her there again. After getting into bed and reading his comics and porno magazines Young Ho gets ready to settle in and sleep for the first time in his new apartment. As a storm moves in Ho begins to worry about whether or not the girl left and is ok. He tries everything, turning over, closing his eyes looking through more porno magazines; but he can’t get the girl out of his mind. He realizes the only way he’ll sleep is if he goes and checks, even though he’s sure she long left by now.

To his suprize the girl is still outside in the rain and freezy cold. She’s burning up with a fever, Young Ho picks her up nd rushes her into his apartment. He has to do something before the fever gets to high. Her clothes are wet so he has to take them off; however, he’s got to be careful not to be acused of potential rape–after all the girl is unconcious.
Young Ho almost has an ‘accident’ when he sees the girls wet body in her sexy undies–I’m pretty sure some of the guys reading this are about to have an accident just reading about it here. Anyway, a quick trip to the bathroom takes care of Young Ho’s hard problem for now. Twisted Evil

Young Ho’s trouble have just begun, and the get worse when the girl, who’s name is Yu Mi Yu, asks to share Young Ho’s apartment since she lost hers. Nobody seems to have a problem with the idea besides Young Ho–hell most of peers are congradulating on how lucky he has it, sexy naive girl sharing his apartment, what more could a college man ask for.

Well Yu Mi is causing Young Ho more trouble than he’s ever expected. He’s been seen running into prostitution hotels, blowing up condoms as ballons and he’s constantly running to the bathroom taking care of his little “problem”. And still he puts up with Yu Mi even though she told him that she considers him her big brother and that big brother don’t take advantage of their little sister. Poor Young Ho’s boner. ^_^

What started out as a Korean webcomic eventually became one of the funniest mangas, or for precision’s sake I should Manhwa, that I’ve read all year. It’s one laugh after another, with innocence and perversion. Young Ho is probably the luckiest and unluckiest guy in Seoul, the place where the story takes place, a beautiful lands on his welcome mat and every time he looks at her he gets excited but he feels to ashamed to make a move. Filled with adult humor and tons of sexual innuedos this manhwa is one for the those with funny sense of humor. Ok, before I go on to talk about how funny this is, I should mention the art. The art is probably the best I’ve seen. It’s clean, detailed and beautiful. For those art fans out there it’s probably worth keeping up on just that. The artwork is different from the usual but a nice change. It looks different and it matches the general feel of the story. Seriously though if you are a fan of comedies, and love perverted innuedos then you should already have this manga is your possesion. And if you don’t I strongly suggest you do, because Couple will make you laugh, maybe laugh still you cry. A flawless comdey is hard to find, and I think I bought it.


By Cherubim

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