Dark Water

Alternative Title: Honogurai Mizu No Soko Kara
Author: Koji Suzuki
Publisher: ADV Manga
Release Date: October 5, 2004
Genre: Horror

Additional Notes:

  • Black and White
  • 142 Page Count
  • Age: 13+

This volume is made up of a series of horror stories about the murky water in the Tokyo Bay.

Story #1: Dark Water

Mrs. Matsubara and her daughter Ikuko moved into a cheap apartment building. Mrs. Mastsubara works at publishing company that specializes in publishing heroic novel and articles. One day Ikuko asks her mother if they could light some fireworks, her agrees, they’ll go on the roof of the building. After all the sparks where out Ikuko sees a small purse, one a little girl would have. Matsubara whacks it out of Ikuko hands claiming that it’s dirty, after realizing how physical she was Matsubra apologizes. Matsubara seems to be suffering from memories of her abusive relationship with her mother and it’s being transferred in her relation ship with her daughter—listen to be talk like head doctor. ^^ They take it to the supper. He says the only other girl that the purse could belong too would Mitsuko Kawai, a girl that just disappeared. He agrees to give it leave it in the window for anyone with information to contact him. Yet, Matsubara can’t seem to able to sleep, the bag seems to haunting her some how. The Supper told Matsubara some disturbing information, it seems that Mitsuko had a lot of bruises on her arm; the supper suspected that the mother was abusing her. Can anyone guess where this is going? No matter what she does Matsubara can’t seem to get the purse out of her mind, where ever she goes it’s always right there; it’s driving her to do things. What will be the fate of Mrs. Matsubara and her daughter? Oh and if you want to find out why the call this story Dark Water read and you’ll see why.

Story # 2: Island Cruise

A typical night yacht cruise in the bay, young Mr. Enoyoshi is being asked to enter a profitable business deal with a Mr. Ushijima and his wife—the exact details I’ll leave for you to read, since it’s quite boring. Enoyoshi explains that he isn’t in this (life) to make money, and that the things he wants money can’t buy; Ushijima explains that those things still require money—wise man that Ushijima. The argument goes back and forth…and back and forth, suddenly the boat stops. Ushijima checks the motor and to his and everyone’s surprise he finds a child’s shoe; however the boat still can’t move, and there is nothing stuck in the motor either. Ushijima decides to dive in and get a closer look. After frantically pulling the life line he returns top side pale white. He says that there is something attached to the boat, something that was human. Enoyoshi decides to swim to shore—oh the poor naive boy. Is whatever is stuck to the bottom of the boy allow him to reach the shore or will Enoyoshi be another victim of the dark waters.

Story # 3: Adrift [Spoiler]

Spoiler wrote:
We all wish that one day will at the beach or on a small boat cruise we be lucky enough to come across a bottle; a bottle just drifting aimlessly along the wave. Yuka’s bottle isn’t the kind with a treasure map though. It’s a beautiful day outside, a perfect day to take a group of friend out on a spin on a boat. While anchored a bottle drifts next to the boat. Yuka picks it up, there seems to be some weird shell in the bottle—Yuka wonders how it could have gotten in there in the first place. Her friends tell her to throw it back, but Yuka decides to keep it—MISTAKE. After a nice nap Yuka awakes to see the boat empty, but the bottle is on the bar counter. She picks it up and goes to the deck outside. Her friend Mary is standing at the edge and says to her, “Everyone’s already gone. You’re the last one, Yuka.” She falls in the water and drowns. Yuka stares at the bottle and the mysterious object inside…

…and she does the same.

The bottle drifts along the waves to claim another.

Story # 4: Forest Beneath the Waves

Mr. Fumihko Sugiyama, a young dad and soon to be father again, has realized that is life is about to change and he hasn’t really done much with it. One day he just decides to take a hike up the mountains. While going up he comes across a mysterious cave that’s calling him—why don’t people ever learn, when things that aren’t suppose to talk do you don’t listen—he enters. (Dumbass!) Once inside he can’t seem to find a way out. The thought of death is close. He realizes that there is a running river that goes through the cave, and if he could hold out his breath long enough he could make it out. He knows the chances of him doing so is slim so he decides to write his son a letter , that in the event doesn’t make it his son might be able to receive some of his fatherly advice. His fate is now in hands of the river, what will it be?

The Letter to his son:
Dear Takehiko,
Even if you know there’s no way out
there are times you have to keep going
and look for the exit that could be
look after your mother, and the child she’ll soon be having

Scary! The art work in this manga fits the mood it gives you, not to aww shock, but the chills your left with. It’s from the author of Ringu (The Ring) so I expected this. The stories were well written. This isn’t the manga you want to read close to the ocean at night. Each story was different, and offered a different perspective on the Dark Waters. This was the scariest manga I’ve read to that, and trust it’s worth every dime/euro/sheep you pay for this. Even though the stories are only a few pages long each—number three is the shortest, but scariest—they’re still well put together and carry the full effect.


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