Dear daughter

Ik kan het niet, ik kan het wel
Ik eet een muis, dat geeft niks niet

Dear Amy, you’re cute for making up lyrics at age 3 and dancing to your own made song,
even if your choice of lyrics leaves us a little puzzled.

Say what?

Daddy makes cake. The oven dings to indicate the cake is done.
Daughter 1 screams enthusiastically: “Ik wil cake!” (translation: I want cake!)
Immediately after daughter 2 (age 2) screams equally enthusiastically: “Ik moet poepen!” (I have to go poo!)

Dear daughter

thank you for defeating crushing us at Memory last evening. It made for a proud, if somewhat humiliating, daddy moment. Quite good for a 3 year old.

Dear daughter

Thank you for making even random trips to the grocery store more interesting, by pointing at the hottest woman around whenever mommy isn’t with us and screaming ‘mama’.

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