Delain – Lucidity


01. Sever
02. Frozen
03. Silhouette of a dancer
04. No compliance
05. See me in the shadow
06. Shattered
07. The gathering
08. Daylight lucidity
09. Sleepwalkers dream
10. A day for ghosts
11. Pristine
12. Deep frozen


Things that I thought I had put far behind
Find the mind, connect to sever
I felt deeply how my feelings combined
That it’s like, they’ll never sever

In a way I started today
To weave garlands for the grave
It will break me till my knees bend
It will leave me with nothing in the end

In a blatant mind, my thoughts have entwined
But if you feel the real they will divide
From beyond within, the heart plays its part
The real and fake forever sever

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Misted windows
Hide your empty eyes
Every moment, every whisper
Separates you from me
I’ve been screaming
Won’t you let me in?
Let me see a trace
Of the places hidden
Under your skin

Answer me,
Till that day that you do
I’ll be one step behind you
Answer me,
Till the day that you do
I’ll be waiting here for you (2x)

Needles sting me
When you look away
And your silence
Sounds like deafening screams to me
I’ve been waiting
Won’t you open your heart?
And let me in
Please let me in

Repeat chorus

Free your mind from doubt
All you have, is now
Free your mind from shame
It will only bring you pain

Repeat chorus

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Silhouette of a dancer

My skin still burns
At all the places you’ve touched
So aware
You leave no place for hiding
Not last night
Not this time

I close my eyes, so the world can’t see me
And draw the silhouette of a dancer in my head
I can’t look through your eyes
But my mind betrays mine
Should I starve unmarked?
Or confess to my blindness

My eyes still hurt
Fighting chasing lights
as they form
Silhouettes behind me
Let them go
This time

Waiting for the change
I can’t fight these chains
Every day,
I bleed to avoid the pain
Every day
I fade a little more

Repeat chorus

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No compliance

It feels so dangerous
I don’t know where you are
You can’t control my every move
Although you try so hard
Accept it, leave it
Your wisdom doesn’t make me wise
Accept it, leave it
Your tears don’t make me cry

Drifting apart
Lay me to waste
I know your fears
I feel your pain
Running away
Through a spinning maze
Running away
To a safe escape

No compliance
Your boundaries suffocate
My lungs are filled
With poison in your cage
Bruises and stains
No power left to stand
You held me down
Help me rise again

Repeat chorus

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See me in the shadow

Standing in the shadow of our lies
To hide our imperfections
Doing anything we can to hide
Eyes wide open but still blind
To see what really matters
And insecurity won’t go
See me in shadow

Standing by the ruins of your soul
That cries for some more meaning
Wondering when you have
Become so cold

So cold
And all the pictures of your past are gone
So cold, so cold
Forget yourself
And who you are
Another life is not that far

Standing by the paintings of your dreams
But you have awoken
And all the purples and the greens
Have turned to black
And the ruins of your soul
Have died, no more meaning
I wonder when you have Become so cold

Repeat chorus

Not that far

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Encaged in a memory
Encaged in a prison of guilt
Surrounded by reproach
And everybody knows

She flies over town in white shades
But you’re left behind
With a thousand troubled minds
You cannot speak; you’re blinded by your grief
She flies over town in white shades
And guides every step
But still you feel alone
Cause angels don’t come home
(Cause angels don’t come home)

As the sky is clearing
You clear your mind
Hide all mirrors not to see
What the morphine couldn’t hide
Shattered faces on the floor
Your broken mask serves you no more

Repeat chorus: 2x

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The gathering

The song that angels sing
The spell that calls, The Gathering
The magic that might bring,
Eternal life, The Gathering

I see a world in anger
I see a world in pain
Each day a different story
But still the message is the same

Hard news I set beside me
Sweet dreams is what I need
What daylight wants to show me
At night, appears to be insane

May I ask you in?
Shall I…
Shall I persuade you?

The song that angels sing
The spell that calls, The Gathering
The magic that might bring,
Eternal life, The Gathering

My cards, the ones to choose from
The role they play tonight
Which ones embrace the loved ones?
Which ones will summon for a fight

Show me your precious darlings
And I will crush them all
Wave with your blooded sword and
I’ll kiss to show I’m not afraid

May I ask you in?
Shall I…
Shall I persuade you?

Repeat chorus

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Daylight lucidity

Daylight lucidity
Streams through me
Let me dream
Out of this world, out of this world

I cannot sleep
Sedate me
Wide awake
Animate this soul
I’m still following the pain

Daylight lucidity
Beam on me
Come to me
Into my sleep, into my sleep

Repeat chorus

Don’t try to wake what is unreal
The secrest only you must seal
You hold the key of what I need
Unlock the door that will reveal

Repeat chorus

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Sleepwalkers dream

Close your eyes
For the night is falling
Fear no dark
For it’s warm and safe
And looks familiar
As it comes approaching
Come with me
And I will take you

A world beyond your sleep
Beyond what’s real
An in safety hidden sphere
Away from our daily reality
Truth lies out there 2x

As the innocent
Lay their heads down
As the night chants it’s
Luring call
Cross the borders of
Sense and foresight
Come with me
And I will take you
You don’t have to be afraid

A tear is only water
A sigh is only air
Whenever you feel haunted
The truth lies out there 2x

Repeat Chorus

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A day for ghosts

The livelong day there’s a voice in my cry
Growing like fire, (it brings) scorn to my smile
Time lengthens the night, and shortens the day,
The ghosts I host don’t seem to go away

I’ve got my reasons
To burn the world
Reasons all my own
A stitch by which I’m attached
to this world of bone 2x

A day for ghosts 4x

Laws dissolve to reveal wonder
As they open up to pull me under
And I will put my terms to the test
To put the ghosts to rest

Repeat chorus

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Once upon the dawn
Day will break
It begins on time
Flowing while it’s glowing
It arrives on time

Subjected to origin
Is to know that nothing
Becomes of the contemptible
Waiting for the dawn
Hope to find
I’ll cling to my pride

Clearest form
Closest to pure perfection
The essence yet unfolds itself
The chain of strength it holds

Waiting for the dawn
Hope to find
I’ll cling to my pride
Reaching from the inside
All I know, night must go

Open the dawn
Behold the purest form
The essence unfolds
The chain of strength you held

As a distant dream I hover
I call all the stars
As a distant dream I hover
Call all stars to fall for cover

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