Dell: a brilliant punchline on a 15 year old joke

Easy As Dell

In 1997 Michael Dell famously commented on the state of Apple at the time saying he’d “shut the company down and give the money back to the shareholders.”
Seeing Apple rise to become the biggest tech company in the world while Dell crumbled must have been humbling enough, but now the joke has come full circle as Dell is giving the money back to his own shareholders and going private. Oh sweet karma.

Easy as … hell?

Today I discovered the joy of Dell customer support for printers. Never again. No, I will not go through a standard 20 minute questionnaire when your own frikkin’ engineer who was here knows what the problem was but he couldn’t get it registered because no one at Dell was answering the phone.
Apparently their printer support is the worst. My account manager, who I called in a very pissed off mood saying she either takes care of the problem or that’s the last time I buy anything there, tried to reassure me that their server and ‘normal’ support wasn’t that bad. But hey, come on, clean your own shit.
So after escalating the matter I ended up being called by an english speaking lady with an Indian name who didn’t give a shit either but was in charge of printer support, who then told me she’d spend me the parts of what they thought was wrong with the thing, but I didn’t get it fixed with that I’d have to go through the 20 minute questionnaire next time.
Yeah… sure.
No more Dell for me. So… what’s HP business tech support like?

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