Desert Coral volume 1

Written by: Watru Murayama
Publisher: ADV Manga
Release Date: March 25, 2004
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Comedy

Additional Notes:

  • Black and White
  • 175 Page Count
  • Age All

First Volume Review:
Naoto Saki, your typical day dreamer, spends all his time in his imagination that you’re left wondering how he passes his classes. His dreams however, are quite different from your own. Naoto has been having the same day dream about a different world for some time, and one day those dreams become a reality. Somehow he is summoned to his dream world by a beautiful sorceress named Lusia. Apparently Naoto, who was just a typical junior high student, is now Lusia summoned monster. Naota Saki has been transported to the world know as Orgos, a world he thought was just in his dreams. Lusia and her friends have never seen a summoned monster like Naota before; that’s because he isn’t one, but no one believes him. Sad Lusia wastes no time and sends Naota into battle, but Naota is still in shock, and with a giant earth worm after him you can’t blame him. After surviving the battle miraculously Naota wakes up on the subway; thinking it was just a dream, but it was so real he told actually feel pain in the mysterious world. He brushes it off as a hallucination and is back into the real world, but he still can’t seem to get the image of Lusia out of mind. It’s a good thing too, because he’s going to summoned back to Orgos pretty soon. Wink

Yep. It seems Lusia isn’t done with him yet, once again Naota is back into Orgos, but this time he’ll meet the rest of Desert Coral. Lusia isn’t the only on the team, but rather a whole bunch of warriors—that look like cat-human hybrids. Naota is totally confused, he has no idea what’s going on. Apparently Lusia and the rest of her team regard Naota as a regular summoned that can get hurt but fixed and back to normal ready for the next fight. The only problem is Naota doesn’t really think he works that way especially since it hurt being beaten by a giant earth worm. Lusia explains to Naota what the Desert Coral does, which is they fight monsters with summoned monsters like Naota and do missions for people with a fee of course. Naoto, even though he rejects the idea that he’s a summoned monster, is ready and willing to take on what ever Orgos throws at him. Let’s hope Naoto can survive; plus if anything goes wrong he could always wake up, right? O_O


I really like this volume; Naoto is such an optimist, I like that. After reading the first volume you can’t help but get the feeling that there seems to be some deeper connection between Naota and Lusia. *crosses fingers* I hope the second volume clears it up. The manga doesn’t waste any time and jumps straight into action. The characters don’t get a formal introduction, besides their names and what Naota thinks of them. Naoto is still trying to find out his role his Orgos; after all you don’t just get magically transported to another world without something being special about you, so it’s going to funny to see how he does that. The series lacks seriousness and is more of a comedy than a adventure/action packed volume. All around I can’t really say there would be anything you’ll find wrong with Desert Coral; it’s funny, crazy, and filled with cat people; what can be wrong with that.


By Cherubim

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