Deus Vitae volume 1

Story and Art – Takuya Fujima
Japanese Publisher – Kodansha
English Publisher – Tokyopop
Released Date – 06/2004
Format – Right to Left
First Volume ISBN – 1-59182-769-8
Genre – Action/Adventure, Sci-fi
Age Rating – Older Teens

The year is 2068 and wouldn’t you know it? The machines have taken over the world… again. The Android race known as the Selenoids, safe in the knowledge that they have destroyed humanity now rule the world with impunity.

But humanity was not destroyed and now the survivors have joined low caste Selenoid and formed a revolutionary movement known as the RE-O, so the scene is set for the titanic clash of machine and man that is Deus Vitae.

Deus Vitae means ‘God of Life’ in Latin, which is no doubt in reference to Leave, the creator of the Selenoids. Leave is a god in the eyes of the Selenoids, she commands the world via the four “Mothers” and was the one who defeated humanity, her creators, with their own weapons. Enter Ash Lamy a soldier in the RE-O and a descendent of Leave, he possesses immense destructive power and is a formidable warrior on a mission to destroy one of the four mothers and thusly weakening Leave and the Selenoids.

The first volume of Deus Vitae is a little hit and miss as a whole; it is certainly action packed but this can become boring sometimes At times Ash seems all but indestructible which makes parts of the action in the book uninteresting and predictable. As far as the plot goes the premise is interesting enough though it wasn’t expanded upon as much as I’d have liked, though as this is based on the first volume it would be unwise to draw many conclusions about the plot as a whole from this.

This all seems pretty negative so far doesn’t it? Maybe I’m being to negative and unfair in my criticism. Deus Vitae has some startling and beautiful artwork contained with in its pages and though the characters seem a little un-engaging at first they do begin to become better rounded and more likeable by the end of the book.

Deus Vitae while a little disappointing in some aspects has a lot of promise and I look forward to seeing how the story spans out in the next few volumes. If you enjoy high action and violence, don’t mind a little nudity and want to take a chance on what could become a very good series then I suggest you pick up a copy of Deus Vitae, if not don’t.


Ash Lamy – A human soldier in the revolution against the machines. He is a descendant of Leave and believes the world belongs to him. He is a cold character and seems to fight to achieve his goals and is in the possession of immense power.

Lemiu Winslet – An android soldier in the revolution against the machines. In the first volume she lives in the Land of Mother Seisha, one of the four mothers. She has a feeling that she somehow knows Ash and at the end of volume one leaves with him and the RE-O Army to start a new life with Ash.

Leave – The android spawn of the Brain Computer that destroys humanity and in its place builds a machine-driven society.

Fenril – The humans

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