Devil x Devil

Author: Sawauchi Sachiyo
Genre: Yaoi Comedy
Status: One-Shot
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

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Hotaru is a low level demon that fled to the earth. Things aren’t going so well, he’s got hardly enough strength to survive. A demon’s main food supply is human flesh and it’s becoming harder and harder to find. Hotaru blames it on the fact that many of the people roaming the streets are smokers and he doesn’t fancy that. Things only get worse when an angel named Suzaku lands in the same area. Suzaku is now taking up all the fresh meat for himself. What makes it worse is that he rubs it Hotaru’s face like he would win a prize for it. Poor Hotaru is on the brink of starvation and he’s only be tormented by a fallen angel. Why exactly did Suzaku fall from heaven? Well we don’t really know. It might be his shota complex. Don’t worry no young boys were harmed in the making of this manga. (I feel so bad for laughing at my own shameful humor but I will. hehe) But it’s the best hunch we’ve got. All I wonder is how exactly did a pedophile get to become an angel–I guess the people upstairs are going through the same stuff that the Catholic Church down here is. Anyway back to the story.

Suzaku doesn’t stay to harass Hotaru very long–there are children afoot! Hotaru sits there starving. Some kid sees Hotaru, in this story children have the ability to see demons, and notices that he’s starving and decides to give him candy. Hotaru knows that if he eats the candy there will be consequences. Whenever a being not of this earth eats the food other than their natural food (humans) they will reject it and in some way get punished for doing so—the rules are like they want us to get eaten. Hotaru however can’t resist he’s just too hungry so he eats it. Bad decision! After spiting out the candy he realizes what happened. He turned into a kid—which is sort of good because usually it’s a bug.

Alright so this is yaoi manga so your wonder if you might go to jail for reading any further seeing as the main character just got turned into a kid. Not to fret, let’s get back to the review.

Out of no where Hotaru bumps into Suzaku. Suzaku being the perv that he is becomes interested in the new meat walking about. This gives Hotaru an idea. He decides that this would be a great time to get back at Suzaku for all his tormenting over the past few months. Together they eat, go on rides, laugh and have fun. Several times thorough the day Hotaru drifts from the original plan of getting back to just spending time with Hotaru. It seems that he has fallen for Suzuka, lucky for him his new form is Suzuka’s type.

Hotaru’s form isn’t going to last long though, the spell is already wearing off. He needs to eat some candy right away. He tells Sazuka to let him use the bathroom and not to come in because there might be some strange noises. Sazuka being the perv that he is couldn’t resist. Hotaru decides that it’s time to end the game and he transforms into his demon form; however, to his surprise Sazuka isn’t shocked instead he takes this time to get naughty. I won’t go into details just say that the angel is a top–go figure!


The artwork is overall pretty nice. There isn’t a lot of detail to the background it’s definitely more focused on the characters though. The manga being more comical than anything else has a lot of super deformed characters scenes with Sazuka makes fun of Hotaru. I liked the art the only I can point out as sort of a flaw was the fact that several times through this manga Suzuka looks very feminine and it doesn’t really fit his attitude or style. Also, and this is my personal observation, but Hotaru as a kid looks like Riku and Sora from Kingdom hearts, but that just might be me.


Devil x Devil certainly provided a good amount of laughs. Sadly there wasn’t a lot of sex, only one scene and at the every end to boot! But the story was decent enough to hold up until then–but even the sex scene was short and not that hardcore like it should be.

The manga is very short only 32 pages so it will go by very fast in terms of reading.

The story had an interesting set of twists. Since you had a demon and a fallen angel, but the angel was by far worse than the demon. It was pretty much cut n’ dry, since it was so short there wasn’t much space to go into character dept. Which I think was actually good. It was a comedy, a long dragged out story would have made it less funny. Now it isn’t funny hahaha more like a giggle or two so keep that in mind.

If you like sexy demons and angels (male of course) making out, in a comedic type atmosphere or are just tired of those long yaoi comics that go on for ages and you just want to laugh for once and not here the “No! Don’t put it there, I’m not ready” line speech (honestly take it like a man) Devil X Devil might provide that filling that you are looking for.


By Cherubim

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