Dragonball Z Remastered

Dragonball Z Remastered

It’s fun revisiting this series in its remastered and uncut version at first, getting reacquainted with Goku, Gohan, Piccolo and all the others. There’s a lot more backstory as dozens and dozens of episodes that originally got cut are now back for everyone in the west to enjoy. Unfortunately we’re now in the Frieza battle and it’s still as boring as ever getting dragged out endlessly. I hope the rest gets better and has more story that was missing first time around.

Dragonball Z Budokai

Game Title: Dragonball Z Budokai
Console: Playstation 2
No. Players: 2
Release Date: Dec 2002 (USA), Feb 2003 (JPN), Nov 2002 (EU)
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Dimps Corporation
Publisher: Atari
Age: General

Dragonball Z Budokai screenshot
Dragonball Z Budokai takes you, the player, through several of sagas seen in the anime. You will play as several different characters and fight battles as seen in the anime. First you’ll play through the Seyian Saga, then the Namekian Saga, then finally the Cell Saga; unfortunetly the story doesn’t go very far. Still you get to fight the important battles that made you love DBZ so much. The story line follows the anime pretty much on the dot. What’s cool is that each saga you’ll be able to unlock alernative endings in each. Since this is Dragonball naturally you stumble upon Dragonball that when you collect all you can summon the mighty Shenron and make a wish, of course you get to pick from the “wishes” availbe to you but still Shenron is cool! Razz

Playing this game is interesting it gives you a wide array of possiblities to test your skillz. The game is broken up into different “styles” of fighting, which you unlock more features and things as you beat and complete the sagas in story mode. If you don’t want to go into story mode you can go straight into dueling either 1-on-1 or 1-on-computer. You’ll get to select from characters that appeared in the story, you’ll unlock more as you progress the story. Then you have Tournament Mode which basically puts you against several computer characters, if you reach far enough through the tournament you’ll receive prize money which you’ll be able to spend in the skill shop, but I’ll get to that later. If you need to practice before you take on the tournament or story there is Pratice Mode, which gives you the ability to fight for as long as you want without losing health, it’s a good place if you need to master how to do your characters super move. If you’re in the mood to collect everything you can unlock the Hercule plot line which is just extra fun player with the sorry excuse for a player Hercule. What’s great about this game, unlock many other, you have a certain level of customobility with your characters. There is the skillz shop and edit skillz option which breaks down character moves and power up into capsules which you can buy and add to your character. Example: Vegeta’s Galick Gun attack is his basic “beam” move in the game well as default his skillz give him on Galick Gun you can buy more Galick Gun capsules and power that move up, my custom Vegeta has five Galick Gun capsules which means his Galick Gun does x5 than a regular one. (Yay!)

Alright this grade might be influenced by the fact that I played the other Budokai games too, but still the graphics still suck. For a fighting game their rather horrible, but the characters aren’t too off key in how they appear in the anime. Overall this was the first attempt the budokai series made so I shouldn’t expect everything to be perfect, but when now I come back to play and I see how bad it was compared to the others. The firing of beams is pretty shameful, the character designs are pretty basic. The graphics department of this game was pretty “blah” in terms of fighting games but tolerable if you fan of DBZ and wanted so see the how it would feel using the spirit bomb–and it feels good. What might be considered a plus is that they use actual cutscenes from the show and do other famous cutscenes from the anime in game format.

Controls & Camera
The controls in this game are pretty basic: punch, kick, “fire”, block; you can perform special moves when you complete a combo like “Wolf Fan Fist” for Yancha or “Final Flash” for Vegeta. Besides that there really isn’t much complexity to this game you just have to remember how to do what. There really isn’t much in terms of a camera function in this game, if anything you camera will automatically adjust as you move around the area–which in your basic fighting game a 2-D with 3-D dodging/stepping ability.

Music & Sounds
The music is pretty on key with what you would expect from a Dragonball Z game, nothing suprising there. The voices are cool because they use the actual voices from the show, which is very nice, it feeds your ego that you really are Goku saving the world.


Like most standard fighting games, once you unlock everything the only left to do is fight. The game doesn’t go into much dept so collecting everything isn’t going to be hard or time consuming.

A much anticipated game for DBZ fans. The game delivers but probably not enough. The game only covers 3 of the many sagas, very few characters to play with–ok there is a good number of players but not all. There aren’t many stages to play in, and once you’ve done everything there isn’t much insentive to do much more. But I suppose this is all part of their plans as they are releasing more Budokai games with more characters, better plot line, more complex game play like baby rabbits–those sneaky bastards.
Still this game does have things the other Budokai games (so far) don’t, this game is the only game where you play parrel to the story and follow the anime pretty accurately, the other games (so far) tend to take a lot of liberties. It really isn’t worth it to buy just to be feel as if you’re playing the actual saga but I’m just giving you the info. This game pretty much laid down the fundation on which all the other games–which there are now 3 others: Dragonball Z: Budokai 2, Dragonall Z: Budokai 3 and Dragonball Z Sagas; and two more in development for the Playstation–poping out like freakin rabbits I said–build on.

By Cherubim

Dragonball Z Budokai 3

Playstation 2
-ESRB Rating: Teen
-Genre: Fighting
– #Of Players: 1-8
-Difficulty: Adjustable
-Published by: Atari
– Memory card usage: 110 kb
– #Of Disks: 1

Presentation: 8/10

In nearly every way this game almost perfectly captures the atmosphere of Dragon Ball Z. From the box art to the game play itself; it is a good representation of the series.

Story: 4/10

The story is a heavily abridged retelling of the DBZ anime. Basically, the hero Goku fights warriors from different places in the universe, to keep them from destroying the earth. Since the storyline is so abridged, much of the details get left out. It is an admirable attempt by the developers to condense such a large library of anime into bite-sized pieces, but the storyline won’t hook new players.

Sound: 7/10

All of the original talents from the Funimation dub reprises their roles here, and everyone does a great job. Situations where vocals don’t match the mouth movements are extremely rare. When players need to be built up for a battle, the voice actors do a wonderful job of accomplishing the goal of making it a compelling experience.

The sound is a mix of wailing rock music with the occasional jazzy beats. While some tunes will get on gamers’ nerves, most of the beats are catchy and fit the game perfectly. The songs manage to blend well with the average sound effects and enhance the overall experience.

Control: 6.5/10

While the controls are pretty responsive, it can be overly difficult to land some of the more varied attacks in the game. The camera can also become a pain and moves around wildly when you need it to be stationary the most. Since the controls don’t change when the camera is behind a character like in other fighting games, it is easy to get disoriented and take damage from attacks that would normally be easily avoided.

Graphics: 8/10

The cel-shaded art style perfectly captures the essence of the anime. Though in cinematic situations pixelation can be seen often. Larger character models also have clipping issues. Stages and locations have the distinct Dragonball look. They fit perfectly into the universe. It was also a nice to see all of the little details on the maps, like certain locations that mimic areas where battles were fought in the anime, and the cars travel around cities in the Dragon Universe mode. Overall the graphics often look better than the anime.

Gameplay: 8/10

The real meat of this game lies in the Dragon Universe mode, where players choose the role of one of the heroes from the game and play through an abridged version of their exploits in the storyline. While finding capsules and searching for dragonballs across Earth and Namek are fun for a while, playing through with all of the characters, and finding their hidden paths get tiresome quickly. Especially when most of the hidden events are only unlocked after multiple playthroughs. Also, you never really get to go down and walk through any of the locations in the game. All time is spent flying over the world from an uninteractive view point, only clicking on a place that shows up for a rather boring story segment. Even if some of the storylines can be beaten in a sitting, the tedious gameplay will get tiresome after a while.

Story segments are disappointing as well. All of them consist of a bland background, a picture of the character and a word bubble displaying what the character is saying. The character’s faces don’t even display any sign of actual talking during these segments. It is just a blank face, every once in a while accompanied by a voice over. Many conversations start off with audio, and then mysteriously cut out after characters get past a certain point in the story conversation.

The fighting is the true star of this game. Everything seems fine tuned to give anyone who is playing a fair shot. Almost all of the characters pretty much play the same though. Each character has a few combos, and two special energy moves, one more powerful than the other. The game balances this out with the Ki Meter. Every time you do an energy move, or teleport behind an opponent, it uses up Ki. If a player is reckless and uses up all of their Ki, they become fatigued and are open to attack. Each character has a standard Ki level, and if energy falls under the standard level, it will regenerate. If Ki goes over the normal level, it begins to do the opposite. The real balance between characters is how high their standard Ki is.

Players that power up enough can hit L2 and go into a super mode, which allows the possibility of going into dragon rush mode, a cinematic rock-paper-scissors type of battle. Or they can try to land an ultimate move with the press of L2 again after being fully powered up. If the player on defense matches the button press of the player on offense the dragon rush stops, if they are unsuccessful, it continues with the button that the winner pressed disabled in the next round. Successfully winning the dragon rush mode makes it easier to land the ultimate move, the extremely powerful finisher.

Even the dragon rush and ultimate moves aren’t a surefire way of winning. If your timing is off or a player gets caught pressing the same button as an opponent, moves will be cancelled. The atmosphere of attacks and counterattacks is done beautifully, and is a great addition to the series. Though it is still sad to see no sign of any real flying in this game. Instead of flying whenever a player wants like it says on the box, players are only allowed to “levitate” when hit with certain moves that launch the opposing character into the air.

Longevity: 5/10

Though the combat is fun, there isn’t a whole lot to do outside of the Dragon Universe mode. The majority of the unlockables are placed in this part of the game. It will quickly get tiresome constantly going through the same storyline multiple times for each character. Playing the Dragon Arena mode is fun, and gives the a game a much needed second wind upon unlocking, but that will soon become stale. Even the multiplayer options are rather lacking.

Final Score: 6.5/10

Despite its flaws, this is a pretty fun game. Fans of the series will certainly enjoy the atmosphere. Gameplay isn’t very deep, so dedicated fighting fans won’t stay around for long. The Dragon Universe mode gets boring pretty quickly. Multiplayer options are also pretty weak. Many longtime fans will find many of their favorite villains missing, especially a majority of the characters from the Namek saga. While I personally enjoyed this and it is a positive turn around for the franchise, I’d suggest giving this a rental before you choose to buy. That may be enough to get a good DBZ fix for a while.

By Plumbum Sol

Dragonball Z Opening Song "Cha La Head Cha La"

Artist: Maria Kawamura

Japanese Lyrics

Hikaru komo wo tsukinuke
Fly away (Fly away)
Karadajuu ni hirogaru panorama
Kao wo kerareta chikyuu ga okotee (okotee)
Kazan wo bakuhatsu saseru

Tokerta korri no naka ni
Kyouryuu ga itara tamanori shikimotai ne

Nani ga okitemo kibun wa he no he no kappa
Mune ga pachi pachi suru hodo
Sawagu genki dama Sparking!

Sora wo kyuukouka Jet Coaster (Coaster)
Ochite yukuyo panic no sono e
Keshiki sakasa ni naruto yukai sa (yuki sa)
Yama sae oshiri ni mieru

Nayamu jikan wa nai yo
Dokoka ni hisomu “Bikkun” ni aitai kara

Atama karappo no houga yume tsumekomeru
Egao Ultra Z de
Kyou mo Aiyaiyaiyaiyai

English Lyrics

Smashing through the clouds
Fly Away (Fly Awa)
Throughout my body, the panorama spreads
Kicked in the face, the earth gets mad (mad)
A volcano erupts

In the melting icicles
If there was a dinosaur, I wanna train it to ride a ball

No matter what happens, nothing can stop me now
Like a ball of high spirit
My heart is sparking, Sparking!

Swooping down through the sky like a Jet Coaster (Coaster)
Descending to the panic of paradise
It’s hilarious to see the upside down view (hilarious)
Even mountains look like butts

There is no time for me to mope
I wanna find the hidden “Surprize”

An empty head is better so that I can stuff my dreams
With my Ulta Z Smile
Today I am gonna live my life Aiyaiyaiyaiyai

By Cherubim

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