My top 10 of favorite albums

Having listened to so much different music I’ve always ducked out of those blog meme’s where people tag you to make a top 10 list, it’s just not something I can shake out of my sleeve that quickly. This needs careful consideration and pondering. I don’t just want to grab the 10 albums I’m listening to the most at the moment, for it to be a real top 10 of my all time favorite albums I need to think long hard and include some music I might not have listened to in years but has still been influential. So here we are at last, my top 10 of all time favorite albums, maybe slightly colored by my current taste after all, but as complete as it’ll ever be.
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Faderhead – FH3 is coming!

Faderhead – No FH3

Now this sucks, I was really looking forward to Faderhead’s third cd, but it most likely will never be released.
And why? Because with his 2 first releases, the absolutely brilliant in your face FH1 and bass pumping FH2 the man has earned a grand total of -10000 euros.
Now don’t get me wrong, everyone checks out mp3’s and stuff, and I don’t care if you copy from the big labels, but here’s a good guy making some fucking awesome music and he’s actually losing money doing so.
So if you’ve got it and like it: buy it!
And if you’ve never heard of him, check out the full FH2 on his site or go to his MySpace profile, he’s one of my absolute faves. Oh, and they’re also available in the iTunes store, if you go there check out Vanish from FH1, one of my fave tracks of all time.
Show the guy some love, buy his music.

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