Sith Master

Normally people have to write a letter of motivation and what not to apply for a Master’s degree and then keep their fingers crossed hoping they’ll be accepted. My other half has in the past week been invited by 2 professors for their respective master’s course.
Gotta admit, I’m pretty damn proud.

Rondje Weltervijver

Yesterday was a lovely day for a walk. Freezing and yet sunny. And the girls wanted to test their binoculars.

Eve & Amy

Weltervijver glistening

Amy & eendjes

Eve & eendjes


Amy the Birdwatcher

Dear daughter

Ik kan het niet, ik kan het wel
Ik eet een muis, dat geeft niks niet

Dear Amy, you’re cute for making up lyrics at age 3 and dancing to your own made song,
even if your choice of lyrics leaves us a little puzzled.

Gaia Park 2012

We had a fun day out with the kids who are able to appreciate the zoo more now that they’re a little older. Seeing as this was our fourth or so visit to Gaia Park I noticed we didn’t take too many pics of the animals but more of our own little monkeys.
Also a problem at Gaia is that there are quite a few enclosures where you end up staring at the grass and bushes because the animals are nowhere to be seen as the enclosures are that well planted.

Mmmm, coffee icecream slush

Duck, heatwave! Bloody hot outside here at the moment. But it’s a lot better than the rain from the past weeks.
I was quite surprised to find the kids preferred the coffee stuff we were having over their kiddie ice-cream with sprinkles. Good taste though.
Also note to self; don’t let them try it again. Bouncy kids.

Amy’s third birthday

‘t was a good day.

Doctor Amy


Football with the kids

A lazy summer Sunday in the park.


Eve has developed her preferred sledding technique, which involves laying down on her back and holding on for dear life. Her head is sticking out though, so it’ll drag behind the sled through the snow, causing her to laugh like mad all the way down while snow is spraying up. Unfortunately I only have a picture of her at the bottom of the hill (the one above here), would have loved to get the whole thing on video. As you can imagine Kate and me where damn near falling over laughing our ass off.
Amy hates the cold and usually goes in turtle mode as soon as we walk out the door, sticking her head in her coat, or even better ours. But for some reason ever since we gave her new gloves she thinks snow is awesome and she runs around smacking it. From one heap to the next, smack smack, big grins, next heap, smack smack. Weird kid.
Good fun. :)

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.