Fighting Foodons

Over Xmas break I found a whole bunch of VHS tapes of Saturday morning animes that I taped and look what was on one of them…

Alternative Title: Kakuto Ryori Densetsu Bistro Recipe
Director: Tetsuo Yasumi
Creator: Naoto Tsushima (Manga)
First Aired: Sep 9 2002 (USA)
Episodes: 26
Genre: Adventure
Age: All

Series Review:
Mover over WMDs and laser beams make way for Macaroni n’ Cheese.

Welcome to the world of Foodons, where the most dangerous person you would meet is a Mexican Chief with a thing for tobacco sauce. In this world cooking is not only art, but also a means of conquering the earth. O_o A talented chief has the ability to make his/her food come alive, literally; however some chiefs use their talents not for the pleasure of cooking, but for more darker and fattier means.

That’s where we meet King Gorge, an evil emperor bent on taking over the world with his evil food and loyal subjects know as the gluttons.

King Gorge has taken all of the worlds most talented chiefs and is holding them prisoner planning on using their special cooking style to rule the world. “Honestly, I’m not making this stuff up.” King Gorge will become the King of Food if he isn’t stopped, but with all of the world’s most powerful chiefs already in his cloches, who can stop him?

King Gorge has kidnapped the father of a young amateur chief named Chase. Chase, even though still a newbie at cooking, is determined to rescue his father from the evil spatulas of King Gorge. Chase isn’t going to have it easy with no cooking style of his own and with limited knowledge about the art of cooking; Chase doesn’t stand much of chance against King Gorge and his army of evil Foodons. Still Chase won’t give up, along the way he’ll learn new techniques and will make friends, who also want to see the evil King Gorge dethroned, all on his way to becoming a master chief.


Carrying only a small cooking stand and courage, Chase sets out to find his father and bring him home. Chase is amazed at the world of food and is always willing to learn new things. He wants to become master chief like his father one day. Still learning the ropes in the kitchen Chase as a long way to go, but hopefully will get there without catching the place on fire

Chase’s younger sister, Kayla accompanies chase in the search of their father. She’s very supportive of her father, and knows he can do if he puts is all into it.

Former King of Food, Oslo was removed from power by Don Cook: King Gorge before he took over. Oslo has decided to help Chase on his journey and will teach the way of master chief. Before Oslo was Chase mentor he thought Chase’s father the art of cooking as well.

Pei Tin

His parents were also kidnapped by King, and like Chase Pei Tin has decided to go out and find them. Pei Tin is even less of cook than Chase, but is still determined. He teams up with Chase and his sister after they encounter each other thinking they were enemies only to realize they were in the same frying pan. “I’m never gonna get enough of making cooking jokes while writing this review.”

This little master chief wanna be was first Chase’s main rival on Banana Island O_o However, as time passed she began to have feelings for Chase, but refuses to tell him about it. She’s a decedent of the Cooking Ninjas and is under the training of Chief John, who is really Chef Jack in disguise.

Chef Jack
Chase’s father and an excellent chief. Apparently he escaped the clutches of King Gorge, and is often in disguise throughout the world. Exactly where will he pop up next is still a mystery.

King Gorge and the Gluttons
Bent only on ruling world through the art of cooking, King Gorge is not to be messed with. He posses powerful magic and is a excellent chief, most other cooks don’t stand a chance against him. His loyal servants the Gluttons are some of the most powerful Foodon chiefs in the world. They seem almost unbeatable.

Story 6.0/9.0
Characters 6.0/9.0
Music 7.0/9.0
Animation 7.0/9.0

In terms of my grading it looks pretty bad, doesn’t it? However, it isn’t as bad has the grades make it sound; Fighting Foodons was one of favorites animes to watch Saturday morning when I was younger. It’s definitely not made for hard-core anime fans that know the anime world like the back of their hand, “Oh my God where did that come from”, instead this anime is made for those that don’t mind laughing while the having a spoon full of Fruit Loops and milk in their mouth while still in the jammies, basically me on Saturday mornings. Very Happy
The idea behind Fighting Foodons is really an interesting one, when you finally thought children anime have run dry of new ideas they come up with fighting food. LOL
In terms of story and character dept this anime isn’t even Pokémon good, but it’s still funny to watch. With a cute animation style and even funnier looking foodons, Fighting Foodons is 100% of the daily requirement servings of laughablity—I know that doesn’t make sense but deal with it. If you’re tired of seeing the same giant robots battle each other to save world from impending doom, try Fighting Foodons on for change, at least this time around it’s meatballs and spaghetti that is trying to take over the place.

Bon appetite everyone. Very Happy

By Cherubim

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