Glims; make Safari act more like Firefox

Glims plugin for Safari
If like me you’ve jumped ship from the wonderful world of Linux and Windows to OS X and you were using Firefox you’ll undoubtedly have had a look at Safari.
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Firefox 3

Firefox getting a bit sluggish for you? Try switching to beta 5 of Firefox 3.
It’s got a lot of new features, none of which I tried yet, but… and it’s a big but, it’s faster. No really faster, a lot faster. I keep dozens of tabs open all the time and all of a sudden switching between them is fast again, real snappy. And page refreshes feel a lot faster too. And it uses a lot less memory as well.

– If you need Java support (like for our company’s ERP system), stay away from it.
– Need a working plugin for Firefox 3? Get it here.

Firefox crashed

after some stability issues…
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Firefox 2.0

And following the previous post, tomorrow will see the release of the real browser in all its 2.0 goodness.
I’ve been using the release candidates for quite a while and it’s good stuff. Faster, better, less memory and new features. Finally integrated session management (close the browser, with or without a lot of tabs open, and the next time you start it’ll open all the pages right where you left them) without having to use an extension.

And speaking of extensions… with any new major version there’s always the wait for the extensions to get updated. Well, in case you’re in a hurry or the developer skipped town; do it yourself.
In most cases getting the plugin to work only means checking the plugin dir for the one you want to get working, open install.rdf with a text editor and look for a line with max-version, it’ll say something like 1.5.*
Simply change that value to 2.0.* and relaunch Firefox and your trusty old plugin should be back and working again.

Bits ‘n pieces

Firefox 1.5 is trickling down the mirrors, so it should hit the main page at any minute now. I’ve steered clear of all the betas and RCs for once so I’m looking forward to grabbing this one, hoping the bump in numbering is a sign of good things.

I’ve also signed up at Technorati which is sort of the blog grapevine. At first I went meh to see the rank for was 231236. Only later I read that they track over 22 million blogs, so hey, not bad at all. And I’ve only just begun.

For those commenting here I’ve added another plugin which enables you to receive a mail when an entry where you added a comment gets another reply. Should make it easier to track things and keep a discussion going.

The new browser for the new web?

There’s a new browser in town, sort of. It’s called Flock, and it’s supposed to be the next great thing.
So is it? Well… yes and no.

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Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.