I just really wanted to do this review, because FLCL is so misunderstood.

Alternative Title: Furi Kuri
Director: Tsurumaki Kazuya
Original Creator: Ueda Hajime (Manga)
Animation Director: Hiramatsu Tadashi
First Aired: August 4, 2003 (USA)
Episodes: 6
Age: 13 (If you have the brain power to understand it)

Additional Notes: N/A

Somewhere in the middle of Japan there is the little town of Mabase, where the only thing of any worth is the laboratory. The lab that releases horrible odors into the air, doing it for so long the town that surrounds it have just gotten use to it. Tasuka, the local town hero, decides to leave his little town to pursue the riches in American as a Pro-baseball player. He does leave behind a few things: his brother, Naota that adores his older brother and his homeless girl friend Mamimi. Now that Tasuka is gone his brother Naota is suppose to step up to the plate. Unfortunately Naota has no talent when it comes to baseball. Now that Tasuka is gone his girlfriend decides to attach her self to Naota. Naota thinks his life is bad now, with the only person he looks up just decides to leave, a girl he has no interest in starts following him, and a perverted grandfather and a even more perverted father; what else can go wrong? Then it happens, a vesba vooms into town with a pink haired girl and her guitar. The girl, who Naota has never met in his live before, whacks him on the head with her guitar. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the beginning of wonderful and bizarre friendship.

The girl on the vesba goes by the name of Haruko, and won’t seem to leave to Naota alone—you would think that after hitting some one on the dead with guitar you would keep your distance, but not Haruko—she goes so far as to actually move into Naota’s house. It seems that the bang on the head was just a Haruko’s—who is an alien—custom of saying “hello”, instead it gives Naota, although he didn’t ask for it, the power to make things come out of his head. And one of those things is Canti, a robot that fights, cook, and does laundry. My hero, where can I buy one! To add to confusion Miammi loves, worships, Canti as the angel of fire. o_O after playing an additive pyro based video game—that’s what they’ll do to ya. Smile Naoto troubles don’t end there, his head keeps changing and popping new things out. Naota’s won’t be like that of regular 6th grader. Will his life ever return to the normal of life he has with his perverted father?



    I honestly feel for this kid; his life went from bad to migraine worse. He’s very mean and cynical at some times, but if you had a things coming out of your head you would be too. The only person he looked up to was his brother, and he just picked up and left. Naoto never asked for any of the things that happened to him, and sometimes he just doesn’t really want to be part of it, but he’s stuck there. Courageous? No. Heroic? No. Annoyed? Very. He’s not a hero by any means; his life sucks, and he just wants to be able to relax without having to worry about robots coming out of head.


    She’s the reason why Naoto’s life is going mad. She just slams in and slams him on the head. She is an alien on a mission to find someone, and she going to use Naoto to do it. Haruto is crazy, but you’ve got to love her. Aliens what can you do but love ’em.


    Homeless ex-girlfriend of Naota brother, Tasuka. Um…she’s weird. Which means she’ll fit into this anime really well. ^^ She does have a habit of calling things
    “Ta-kun”. She seems to be attached to Naota—like the chicken pox: one brother to the next. She does develops a desire to set things on fire; and she worships Canti like God. Definitely 1st Class bizarre!


    Naota’s father he’s quite the perv. He job is a journalist, except he makes up the stories instead of reporting the damn news. He’s won’t be winner the father of the year any time soon, that’s for sure.


    Naota’s grand father probably just as perverted as the dad. How Naota put up with these two is still a mystery?


    Robot that kickass, and washes dishes. Came out of Naoto’s head so it decides to stay with him. Naota doesn’t exactly show great hospitality towards the robot. That ok though since Canti as Mamimi as his devout follower. Oh and to get back at Naota for his horrible attitude, Canti eats him to get stronger. o_O


    Known for his eye-brows, Amarao warns Naota about Hurato. Naota doesn’t really trust the guy—with eye brows like that I wouldn’t either. Amarao knows some information about Haruro true plans. The eye-brows are meant to cover a vortex—just like Naota. Could Haruto banged his head once before? Hmmm…

Story 8/9
Characters 8/9
Music 8/9
Animation 9/9

Let’s not dodge the bullet people, FLCL is a crazy anime. It breaks most conventional structure of animes that we’ve seen, in that regard FLCL is very original. If you were to watch FLCL it’s more than likely that you’re going to hate it. It requires a certain an acquired taste to enjoy. But if you do decide to watch it, it will be a anime like no other. The story doesn’t really pick up until the last two episodes, the other four are just lived with useless, but funny, non-sense. When I stumbled on to this on CN I knew it was going to different; it took a few times to actually figure out what the Hell was going on. FLCL is a one of kind anime; it’s funny in the “This makes absolutely no sense” kind of way. You’ll find yourself laughing while still being confused. The anime doesn’t have any solid structure, and in other anime it would be bad, but in FLCL it’s perfect. Watch FLCL for a taste of something different.

By Cherubim

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