Front Row is awesome

When Apple released Lion they decided to axe Front Row, a sort of media theater player controlled by the lovely remote that comes with every Mac. Few people seemed to mourn its passing, claiming it wasn’t useful because it only plays iTunes content anyway, saying Plex is so much better, bla bla etc. You, my dear people who believe so, are idiots. Understandable idiots because every monkey seems to have a computer these days, but monkeys nonetheless. (Sorry, I get slightly annoyed reading so many comments from people saying Front Row sucks when they don’t know how to use it in the first place)
You see, Front Row plays pretty much EVERYTHING you could want. And without a lot of work or configuration. Say you download movies, tv series and what not on a nice big external usb drive, which has a big downloads folder. Now the only thing you have to do to make all of this watchable in the comforts of Front Row is:
1. Right click on the folder that has the content you want to watch in Front Row.
2. Select ‘Make Alias’. This will create a shortcut link to the downloads folder.
3. Move the alias link that just got created into the Movies folder in Finder.
4. Start Front Row, go to Movies, and it’ll show the folder with everything it contains. Pick something to watch, and enjoy.

It’s that easy.
Now in case you changed your mind and want to give Front Row another shot, here you can get Front Row enabler if you have already upgraded to Lion.

Bring back Front Row in Lion!

Front Row is missing in Lion, and that sucks seeing as there’s no good alternative.

Don’t even get me started on Plex, tried it, hated it.
Plex, and other alternatives, might be good if you’re Joe Average, listening to popular music, watching CSI and the newest big hit movie. But the media manager in Plex sucks DONKEY ASS if you like to watch anime, obscure movies and listen to electro and anything not in the mainstream. It’ll mess up your collection, label your anime as some weird 50’s american tv show, show incorrect info on all your albums seeing as is a mess with 1 page for 6 artists. One… big… mess… So please gimme back a fully working Front Row please!

Until this gets sorted or there’s a better alternative I’ll postpone upgrading to Lion. Snow Leopard’s working just fine, thank you very much.

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