Title: Gantz
Genre: Action, Sci/fi, lil bit of hentai/ecchi
number of episodes: 11
What to Expect: A graphic but thrilling work based off of a manga by the same name.

Plot = A-
Characters = B-
Music = A
Overall = A

General Outlook: Gantz starts out with the average life of Kei. A highschooler who cares only about himself(and seems to have the usual problems of sexual frustration all teens go through). Unfortunately for him, he finds himself caught up in something more when he accidently meets one of his old childhood friends, Katou. Helping his old friend rescue a drunkard from the train tracks at the station he finds himself killed horribly when him and Katou are hit by the train. Or is he? He finds himself suddenly teleported to Tokyo, stuck in a small room with a big black ball, and the room is slowly filled with people who are also “recently” deceased. Trying to find out what exactly is going on, he soon finds himself caught up in a deadly game and a situation he knows nothing about…

Music: I love the opening theme. Rip-Slyme has a badass hip hop piece called Super Shooter, which fits the theme and feel of the show perfectly. I was singing this damn thing for weeks afterwards. The ending, is ok as well, though not as catchy. All the music inbetween is the slowly becoming trendy and youthful music of the age. It fits the series well, with its protagonists and their view on society and it helps the whole thing flow nicely along.

Kei: The main “hero”. He is far more selfish and wrapped up in his whole world than he originally thinks he is, and finds himself often wishy washy with his actions during this whol experience. He often looks to his old friend Katou wondering on his actions and if he could do the same, ironic seeing the way Katou looks at him.
Katou: Despite his appearance as a large bully, or troublemaker he is a peaceful and heartfelt young man. He cant stand some of the various acts performed by the others, and it is his concious that pulls him and Kei into this mess. He is constantly amazed by Kei, and keeps fond memories of their childhood days where he has elevated Kei to the status of a hero of sorts.
Masaru: A young woman who seems to have tried to commit suicide. She has many problems to deal with as a result of this decision and Gantz bringing them together.
Gantz: A mysterious black orb that is controlling their fates. Just what it is, and how it came to be is a mystery to them.
Others: In the early episodes a number of characters are introduced and killed off rather quickly. Except the dog. The dog always shows up and is always there afterward.

My Thoughts(and spoilers): I have been reading the manga off and on for a good while now before i even knew the animated series had begun. I jumped right in and was rather pleased with its conversion to the lil screen. While it was heavily edited due to some of the extreme nature of it, it was a highly enjoyable adaptation. Plus the opening theme really kicks ass. Being done by the wonderful Gonzo studio, the detail is amazing, and i look forward to the second stage.

Where to get it Currently: Nowhere. Well thats not entirely true. Most of the fansubbers have stopped distro as it has been licensed by ADV films, however if you look hard enough you may be able to find some. In the meantime await further news from ADV films.

By Darknight ZO

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